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Some advice plz

Some advice plz

Hi all just a quick question. I have been doing what I call “lazy man’s” PE for a couple of years on and off.
I have a real issue with motivation :) . I have the problem where when I have an erection all is well but my glans
Doesn’t get fully hard. It is reasonably OK but feels very spongy, I think it is maybe bloodily cause if I jelq etc it fills up nicely
But not with a standard erection.

Any advice

It could probably mean you’re not getting enough blood into your glans. Is your shaft very hard when you get an erection? It could mean that you’re not getting a full erection.. By doing jelqs you are expanding the tissues so more blood circulation= Bigger head ,shaft etc.. When you have sex does your head still remain soft?

It’s quite usual if you don’t get full erection when masturbating because real sex and pornography are totally different. Erections tend to be greater in real sex than in pornography.

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Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

It’s an awkward thing to answer I would say 80% of my erections have this problem. My shaft does get very hard though,

That’s why I get the feeling not enough is getting to the top.

Yep this means not enough blood in your penis.. Have you been masturbating since young? Because like me, sometimes I don’t get hard because I have been introduced to pornography since 10 years old. But it could be that not enough blood reaches your penis hence your shaft and glans are not that hard. No worries it just a matter of erections. Doing this exercises including kegels will help to increase erection. If not try to keep off pornography that could make you more horny because after a while you will be harder more easily when you see a fine lass.

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

I tend to think that sometimes the head just doesn’t get fully hard. With me it used to when I was younger, but now it doesn’t anymore. Even with a rock hard erection it stays somewhat soft. Ive even tried Viagra and the head doesn’t get hard.


Two posts in and time to read the Forum Guidelines . Please use please not “plz”, when you mean please. Thanks :)

The glans are not supplied in the same way as the shaft. The shaft hardness is controlled by the CCs and as erection quality rises, the difference between the hardness of the shaft and the relative softness of the glans is more noticable.

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