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Some advice please

Some advice please

I just started today and I did 100 regular wet jelqs and 100 overhand jelqs. Is this too much for now or is it not enough. I also did this while I was in the shower. Thanks

Ninefall, Welcome to Thunders! Read up on the newbie routine. It is imperative that you go into PE slowly and condition your dick. More is seldom better in PE so read all you can and go slow. Good luck.

started jan 05 5.5X4.5 3-01-05 5.75x5 4-01-05 5.9X5 5-01-05 6.0x5

Did you make sure to Hot Wrap? That’s almost a must, especially for beginners.

If you aren’t sure about a program to start with, check out the newbie routine.


Welcome to the posting side of the forum. In terms of routine, yours does not seem excessive, (in fact, the heat and moisture of the shower is a plus) but as a beginner, I would watch carefully for signs of overtraining: bruising, red spots, trouble getting it up.

If you’re doing the exercises correctly, you’ll find an increase in erection quality quite quickly: after that a noticable increase in flaccid length is usually the first sign of gains to come.


Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

If you haven’t already, have a look at the videos. I found them quite instructive.

regards, mgus

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