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Soft erections

Soft erections

Newbie here - I Jelqed only for 2 days so far but stopped because I noticed I cannot get hard erections.

I warmed up using a warm washcloth on my penis for about 5 minutes, did basic basic stretches and then moved onto the basic jelq technique, alternating my hands with an “okay shape” to squeeze blood flow to the tip of my penis. I was moderately erect while doing this, probably around 70-80% or so. My routine lasted maybe 10-15 minutes. I did this for 2 days back to back and then stopped because I noticed the next day I was not able to get a 100% hard erection. It has now been three days and the problem is still there. My erections are soft and not as long as they were before. I am still able to masturbate, but ejaculate while still soft. Usually while watching porn I would be hard in a matter of seconds, but now it requires stimulation and time to even obtain/maintain a soft erection.

Should I be worried or will it heal with time? Any suggestions on how to get it back to normal? Should I stop masturbating for a bit? Thanks for your help.

You might have overworked it. Its normal if it last a day or two. Take a break and check back.

Keep your jelqs down to 10 mins when you’re starting up. Definitely stop masturbating for a couple of days. It should be back to normal then. If you’re just beginning your penis is not conditioned for PE so try to keep the routine to a minimum for the first few weeks.

Jelqing initially killed my EQ because I thought I was supposed to strangle my penis and force blood through 200 times. Then I read that you should use the same force as if you didn’t want to break an egg shell. It works better for me, EQ is high again and just seems to work better even though you would think you need more force. I would take time off and then go back into lighter jelqing and a newbie routine.

Exactly what e211 said. I also think that jelqing at 70-80% erection level is more of an advanced technique or at least wait for a few months before doing it. I think 30-50% is better for us newbies

Take a five day break and then ease back into it. Now you know how much is too much so you should be able to scale back and try again with a slower start.

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Thanks a lot guys, it’s reassuring to know that this is normal and I probably won’t suffer from ED for my whole life.

Originally Posted by meteorarules88

it’s reassuring to know that this is normal and I probably won’t suffer from ED for my whole life.

Oh, of course not!

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