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Soft CS weeks after Clamping

Soft CS weeks after Clamping

I’m posting this only after searching for couple of hours now without much luck. I have been clamping infrequently for few months now. Last month, I decided to add some Kegel in my clamping sessions. I do notice some increases girth in the base area both in flaccid and erect state. However, recently I noticed that my Corpora Spongiosum is not as hard as it used to be. This is especially pronounced during semi-erect state, it’s very pliable nothing like before.

The hardness returns when I’m fully erect but a soft CS is definitely a matter of concern. I’m also having some dilated lymph vessels under glans which has been there for some time now.

1) Is the soft CS a common side effect of clamping or is it real injury?
2) How long should I get off PE?

Take a week off and only so warm massages. That may help.

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This is normal. Like Titleist posted, take a week off maybe 2. What you are experiencing is trauma to your unit. It happens with clamps and adding another exercise while clamping. How do I know, I went through it many years ago. It happen to me several times. I started taking 2 weeks off and 6 weeks on. The 2 weeks off gave my unit time to heal and when I resumed PE, I had a fresh unit to work with. I saw rapid growth soon afterwards. I have it all documented in my thread. Another thing, with rapid growth, it can take a short while for your unit to get really hard while erect. Your body only produces a certain amount of blood. This also happens to weight lifters. Your body will adjust and produce more blood to fill the void, but it is not going to happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen.

If you have lymphocele you should get rid of it before resuming PE. It’s not a serious condition but you should not PE over it though, could be annoying in the long term.

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