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So Why Am I Here

So Why Am I Here

Long time lurker, been perusing this forum off and on for the past couple years and I kept missing the window of opportunity to sign up. Found my way back here today out of boredom and saw that the window to jump in as a member was open so I immediately signed up. So what got me interested in PE? I’m 28years old about 6ft tall, 170lbs pretty thin to athletic build and I’m not satisfied with my unit. I’ve always been a bit self conscious about it but what really got me interested in PE was a few years ago when the girl I was dating kept going on and on about the size of her ex bf whom I knew. Don’t get me wrong, she never complained about sex with me and even after we broke up the said that the sex was great but while we were together she brought up her ex’s size quite a few times. Right now I’m at around 5.75-6 BPEL and lacking in girth. My goal is at least 7 inches. I’ll get up exact measurements later. Just wanted to say Hi and thank you all for the guidance that I’ve received as a lurker here for the past couple years from you all. Hope to share my own experiences soon!

Welcome to the forum. Read all you can, ask all the questions you want, and take it slow and easy. The rest is up to you.

Welcome out from the realm of the lurkers and good luck! :) .

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Welcome, lakersfan. I am a newbie so I will be tracking your progress as well.

The newbie routine is a great place to start. Just take it easy and be consistent. I would suggest taking a few pics of your unit with a ruler, even if you do not post them, just to have something to look back at.

Good luck with your progress.


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