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So. What's Possible

So. What's Possible

Newbie here. I’m currently 7 inches. I’m 18. What is a reasonable expectation for length gains within 2-4 months or so? I know that it depends on the person but just want to know what’s possible.

Whats up man I’m 22 and I started PE a month ago at 7.5 length and 5.75 inches girth. Month later I am at 8 inches and alittle over 6 inches girth.that’s only one month! Give it a shot and see how you do, just make sure you know what your doing, safety comes with knowledge good luck

It’s so variable but 2-4 months is the wrong time frame to looks at, try 2-4 years then if you get gains more quickly it’s a bonus. Ok, at least a year then.

If you are lucky you’ll get a quick gain at the start (maybe as much as 1/2” in a month), if you are unlucky you won’t. This initial gain might be a matter of recovering length (ie regaining length that existed but has shrunk back over the years) and at 18, you are unlikely to have any of that.

People of any age seem to gain quickly at the start, if they gain quickly at all, and this is probably a matter of ligament gains (exposing the hidden inner penis) as opposed to tunica gain (expanding the existing penis).

In 4 months, you can expect to almost have a reasonable jelqing technique down.

Have fun.

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Memento as usual is right. Think of it as penile enhancement, not enlargement. Like for example stretching your legs in the morning, this is very good for your agility. But say after 5 months of 10 minute daily leg-stretches you get a comment from a new chick that she thinks you have really, really big leg muscles and she LOVES you legs, that’d be an added ‘bonus’ to the general good feeling, better blood flow, ability to kick higher and stronger, agility etc. Cultivate this frame, you’ll be dedicated to regularly exercise and be happy with your daily progress because you know each day you have done SOME good to your body.

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