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SO stretching does work???

SO stretching does work???

I already have enough girth by everyones standards here…(6”)…but my lenth is like 6 3/4…..I want to increase it, and have been doing the Length Xtender exercises shown on many PE websites…UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT, and rotations…all while flaccid….are u sure that this will increase my length…if so, how long will it take??? Thx

Looks like we’re pretty much the same measurements - I MAY have gained a quarter inch or so in length the past 8 months - but DID pick up a good half inch or better in squeezes during jelquing… We’ll have to compare notes in a yeat or so - this is a LONG TERM activity for decent gains, and those looking for spectacular increases in a couple of months are likely to be disappointed…

I know this stuff WILL work, and am primarily disgusted that I pissed away most of my (and my wifes!) life with a smaller than necessary penis when there IS a “fix” available…

A decent sized penis, properly applied, MIGHT turn a “not tonite dear” into a “THAT was GREAT - rest for 10 minutes, then hit me again, dear” sort of wife…


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