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so many choices in

so many choices in

It’s been quite a while now since i started, and i want to explore my future options. I went to, but they have so many devices, it’s hard to choose. For instances, the difference between autoEXT and Vacextender isn’t readily apparent to me. Aren’t they basically striving to achieve the same thing? It’s like one company creating two rival products. I was actually going to purchase the combination package of the ADS, the vacuhanger, and vacextender, but now i’m confused. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I just purchased the Vac-extender because it has so many features. It looks really comfortable on the site and as I’m wearing one right now as I type I can say it’s really comfortable. I recall reading that vacuum extenders focus more on the internal structures so you end up with less skin stretch which means less turkey neck. It’s also a light hanger. If you’re looking for hanging I’d go with the Vacuhanger but I went with the vac-extender because I want to just extend and all day stretch. Hope I was of some help :)

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