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So it's possible to enlarge.

So it's possible to enlarge.

.. So what if the penis is closed in some tight undies? GOD..
I got to think of this at work today, since little boy I have allways used TIGHT old undies, so emergency question!!

; Can tight undies cause a “bonsai” like effect? :P
Hope my mom didnt bring down doom on me.. :( (Lol havent changed undies in 6years)

Most fellas around here would tell you to get rid of the tighty whiteys, as it does tend to cause a turtling effect. Boxers or commando are the options that the guys chose.

And if you haven’t changed undies in 6 years aren’t they a tad ripe??? Please tell me it is the type of undie you haven’t changed.

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I agree with Sunshinekid. Boxers are the best. If you don’t want to leave your briefs, try out boxer briefs. They keep good support and they allow more breathing space for your dick.

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Hmm how about wearing tight fit jeans

Depends whether you mean Y-fronts or something tighter, like lycra boxer-briefs. I never noticed any more turtling from whiteys (Y-fronts) or bikini briefs than from commando, but I wouldn’t wear bikinis, or anything tight, right after pumping or clamping, because the idea is to keep the unit pumped as long as possible. On the other hand, when I start hanging, I will have to think about boxers.

Originally Posted by evrick
Hmm how about wearing tight fit jeans

Tighter jeans make my flaccid hang much fuller for some reason.

I just switched to boxers, and I could almost immediately tell the difference in my flaccid length. I threw away all of the tighty whiteys, and I swear by boxers now.

Originally Posted by evrick
Hmm how about wearing tight fit jeans

Only if you don’t want to have children.

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My Grandfather bought me a a pack of undies as a gag gift a couple years back. I hadn’t done laundry one day so I wore a pair, and let me say I have no idea how anyone could wear them. They felt so uncomfortable.

I’m using some very oldie style slips.. Will throw ‘em all out at buy me some boxers next week! ;)

Gonna aim for some with some elastic though, hate to naked feel.

Btw.. Theres no holes yet, anyone wanna buy some cheap underwear? ;)

I find that briefs, even those designed with pouches in the front to accentuate the appearance of a man’s bulge, are always very tight and uncomfortable for me. They also tend to make my flaccid penis appear smaller.

The most comfortable underwear I have found are the Polo Ralph Lauren Contour Cotton Boxer Briefs. They are sold in a zipper pack with two pairs at a suggested retail price of US$32.00. For me, these are as comfortable as a traditional knit boxer but with more support and less of a clinging feel in the groin!

Cool thanks man, bought some boxers with elastic in the legs.. Seems nice, and my weenie seems to enjoy it.. (My brain kinda gotta adapt though, I feel naked)

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