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So is this rare or something


Originally Posted by Mr.2Big4You
love is about pleasing your partner, not using her vagina as a masturbatory tool.

Oh, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong. ;P

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My status thread

Originally Posted by tntjockey

Hey StichInsGluck, How’s it going? Can you please read the Forum Guidelines. It is ‘I’ not ‘i’. We also have a spell check button at the bottom. I can go twice with out going soft, but lately I have had a hard time to continue the second time around not because I go soft, because I am starting to get too tired. I happen to be 50 years old. May I ask how old you are? Young guys tend to stay harder for a long period of time. My problem is after I cum the first time and am not able to continue for the second round, I have to deal with an erection for about 8 to 10 minutes.

Sorry about the i’s and Im 20 years old.

Originally Posted by Pavlovsdog
I’ve found that in my mid 20’s I could go a long time before ejaculating. This would definitely benefit the girl. So I found myself beginning to aim for her pleasure during sex and just holding off myself.

Some girls take a long time to orgasm and some not as long. Some are multi orgasmic and come very quickly. ( I married one of those ).
Often I do remain hard after ejaculating and can keep going. Occasionally I find I can come twice myself. Never more than that.

Other times I just stay hard and can keep going without ejaculating again.

I think I’d like to have higher dopamine levels/ lower prolactin and enjoy more orgasms myself. Although the woman I’m with now has one, or two orgasms and she doesn’t want anymore. Occasionally she’ll go for three.
That’s usually when I have two, if time permits, because it usually takes me at least another 10 minutes to orgasm again.

I think my dopamine levels are ok. I have good orgasms usully It’s the second time cum that I have a good one.

This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

Just Saying.

I think its a combination of mental state, personal physiology, age and body chemistry. Some of it you can affect by choice and behavior, some you cannot.
When I was young I had a difficult time controlling my erections and they were a constant potential source of embarrassment. 35 years later, I have to put some effort into maintaining a 100% hard-on.
Part of that may be due to so much PE. Its just tired.

I’ve always been a fast cummer during sex, and learned how to control that to some degree. But what I mainly learned was that my ability to maintain an erection and continue intercourse after a climax is attributed to the amount and level of arousal - both physical and mental. If I jump right into sex without much foreplay, I don’t last very long, and my erection subsides quickly after climax.
If I spend lots of time with physical arousal and getting mentally turned on, my erections are better and longer lasting.
Its rare, but I have at times been able to climax inside a woman and just continue on for another round. I was just more turned on and into the woman than usual.
Or if I was edging to porn for a couple hours, I could climax 3 times without a refractory period. That was a result of intense mental arousal, and lots of sustained physical arousal.

My suggestion to those that cum quickly and have long refractory periods is to spend lots more time in foreplay and getting mentally aroused.
Have your partner stroke or suck you for 5-10 minutes, just getting you super rock hard.


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