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So is there two types of orgasms

So is there two types of orgasms

The only way that my gf achieves orgasms right now is through my private region rubbing agaisnt hers(clit), friction I guess. I tried reading up on g-spot and different techniques to make her cum but it doesnt happen. Maybe I havent found it yet. She says she barely every ograsms and to this day she doesnt even really know if she did or not. The way she put it is that at some point she really really enjoys it and thats what she thinks the g-spot orgasm is. No tingling feeling in her body, plus she says the way she orgasms now is better which I think means that she really hasnt orgasmed from a gspot. Am I right? I just want her to experience it cause the way they put it is that it’s the greatest feeling in the world. Plus she has never really cummed or left wet spots in bed so that’s another reason I think she has never reached g-spot orgasm.

She has only been with 3 guys and tells me that this is the best way she has reached an orgasm cause at least this way she knows it. When she masturbates this is the one that she gets apperently.

We are both 20 and rookies but whatever, I’m confused so if someone could enlighten me a little I’d appreciate it.

Are you kidding me? How do you tell the difference?


Critic takes on logic of female orgasm

Might be of interest. There is another news article like this floating around here someplace too.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Very interesting..

Giving a woman multiple orgasms gives a great feeling too !! Apart from having a bigger dick


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