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So, is campling the ultimate girth exercise

So, is campling the ultimate girth exercise

I just found this thread

Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!

And after reading a ton of posts I got the impression that campling is the real deal for girth. Is there anyone who tried this exercise and didn’t gain girth at all?? Is it so good at is seems to be?? The guy got some pretty impressive results, to say the least!

EDIT: sorry I couldn’t put a question tag, I don’t know why!

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Kannon, be very careful with your one and only. Do jelqs for a couple of months (I would do atleast 6 months’ worth) to get your dick conditioned for such a heavy-duty exercise.

edit: I haven’t clamped, but I’m thinking about it after 2 years of jelqing.

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Thanks for the tip, new_member. But if done properly, is it true that campling can provide monster girth gains over the time?

Reading through the girth posts, and through practical experience, I’m going to say yes, clamping is the key to girth gains.. But as indicated, go slow. Like many people who begin an unsupervised exercise routine, throwing your one rep max on the bar for an unspotted bench press may produce great initial gains, until you get hurt.

(What Aristocrane said about the pictures your talkinhg about.
*** People, I want to warn you about the discoloration of my penis!! ***

It IS permanent, and happened as a direct result of the routine I came up with that is posted in this thread. After having stopped for several months, the color remains unchanged and has not faded. I do not wish to discredit or speak negatively of the clamping technique (which my routine is based upon) which has been successful for many people. You must keep in mind, though, that my routine is an extreme form of the clamping technique that will most definitely cause your penis to become discolored as it has done mine.

I’m sorry I dodged the discoloration issue in some of my other posts, and didn’t mention this sooner. It’s always been my intent to help and enlighten people, not mislead them.

Did you see what happened to his penis from clamping. It lookms disgusting because it is 2 colors. I would never do that. Yea now he has a big dick,but now it is black and he’s white. I dalso don’t think that it is healthy what he did. Seriosly, what is important to you

clamping is a very good girth exercize. Im sure BG will chime in soon but when you start clamping start off easy and then intensify after conditioning your unit first. I have been jelqing and stretching for a year now and just started clamping. Take it slow because your gains will come in due time.

>So, is campling the ultimate girth exercise<

Clamping could well be the last girth exercise you ever do, yes.

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