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So I was thinking.

So I was thinking.

I’ve been reading a book in which part of it the author describes how powerful an effect the placebo has. To sum it up quick, he states that if you truly want something and believe you have a solution, the solution no matter what it is works because it’s symbolic of what you believe.

I was skeptical of PE for awhile, mostly because I’m skeptical by nature, and the lack of clear evidence ( Very few before and after photos ). I recently tried to take my own before photographs with a ruler and found just how hard it is to take a perfect picture with a ruler without someone to aid you. I gave up on trying to take the picture. I said I don’t really need to do it anyway.

Then I realized, wow how many other people struggled like I did to take the photograph and gave up on it too. So lack of picture proof I’m now sure can be attributed to that. I’m trying to become mindful of the things I don’t see or don’t understand. I always came back to Thunder’s Place, because I always had hope that it would work. Then I get lost in the perfect program, this that or the other thing and say fuck it.

I’m writing this post, partly for myself, to help clear my thinking and reinforce what I’m discovering in terms of being open-minded towards some type of new belief in my belief sytem, and maybe to reach another new-comer or old timer who might be able to identify with this post.

The scientific theories, are wonderful to read, informative and really a blast to read. However, I realized that no matter how much research can be done on any subject, that once an answer is found the questions start to change. So, I give up on analyzing not just this but life too and just give it a whirl! I always wanted it to work, but I didn’t believe it would work. Now I believe on a deeper level. I’ve come to my senses and lost my mind!

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I get what your saying, I too tried taking a photo but my dick would lose about a quarter inch in the hullabaloo.

I think there are a decent number of before and after pics here though.

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I didn’t take a before photo since I didn’t expect anything, and would totally be shocked if it did work. If I didn’t gain, then I wouldn’t be too disappointed. The closest I did come to a before photo was when I started doccumenting my measurements on my calendar along with my exercises.

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Hello IF!

I totally get you. I think one of the most important things about PE is positive thinking. Actually, more than positive thinking, you really need, as you said, to want and believe on a deep level that you will succeed. Believing in PE leads to increase in motivation, even if you’re not gaining much, increase in motivation leads to exercising consistently, which leads to gains, which leads to more motivation… And so forth. It’s a wonderful circle :) .

So yeah, in general, I think what you said pretty much sums up one of my motos in life lately - “Stop analyzing and give it a whirl!”.

Good luck mate! :)

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

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