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So I told my friend about PE


So I told my friend about PE

About a month ago I asked on this forum if I should tell my best friend about PE. The consenses was 3 to 1 in the affirmative to tell him.

We are both similar. Married with children. We have seen each other naked on several occasions. So since we don’t have any secrets I dicided to tell him. He has read the site. Now he asked me what my routine was. I tell him that I like the stretch over my wrists. Like they show on the video.

He said, “Yeah I saw that one and I can’t do it. You’ll have to show me how to do it some time.” I know this subject will come up again when we are not driving down the road.

So now the question. What do you think? I am not ashamed to be naked in front of another guy. But pulling my prick over my wrist infront of another guy would be something else. Does any non gay guys pe with a buddy?

Originally Posted by monument

He said, “Yeah I saw that one and I can’t do it. You’ll have to show me how to do it some time.”

This sounds fishy. Everything on the video is quite straightforward.

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I have a couple of buddies that I can speak very candidly with. None of us are gay, but we do talk about absolutely everything. One is recently divorced and the subject of dick size, sex, chicks, and masterbation ‘come up’ alot. We have even started talking about all those penis enlargement advertisements we see on the net.

All I can say is I feel that they are more of a friend to me than anyone else I know. When you share your intimate secrets you bond. Bonding creates friendships that go beyond ballgames and lunches. This is how true friends are made.

Just don’t grab his cock, ok.

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Don’t drink anything he offers (lolz kidding). Maybe he’s curious about your size now that your doing PE.

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I’d have no problem showing a dude how to PE. But yeah, I can’t imagine that he really needs your help to understand that stretch. Perhaps his dick is too short for it, so that’s why he’s having trouble?

Hey man, if you both are straight there is no problem, but i would never PE with a buddy that is my opinion, but you could do it, just don’t tell nobody about it !

Try to stay away from that “stretching with the anal” exercise.


Why not show him it’s not like it will take long to show hime the technique. You’ll soon know if he wants your ass by his reaction. If he’s not gay and you’re not gay and have no problem getting dicks out then where’s the problem.


Of course you think he might be gay!

I don’t think him asking you to show him how to do this is right. It’s a little weird :)

Your call, you could both take turns “spotting” each other :)

I had told my best friend, someone I had known from grammar school and he got started on a routine right away. I was visiting him one time and he asked if I had any gains. I decided to show him and he was amazed at the transformation that had occurred for me and since we had seen each other naked dozens of times I didnt have a problem with it.

If you are that close with him, why not?


“Your call, you could both take turns “spotting” each other” Now thats fucking funny!!

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Yeah, I told my best friend on a road trip and he got really defensive at first, “Haven’t had any problems in that department” and “My wife doesn’t complain.” and so on so I just dropped it with a chuckle. But no put-downs or anything like that (or I’d have to bitch slap him-and he’s twice my physical size).

So we’re overnight at my aunt’s “hotel” and he was waiting for me to get out of the shower to see my flacid hang (about 5 1/2”). Still no comments. It’s almost comical to see the wheels turn in his head.

No comments from him since but he did ask for Thunders address on the net…

Guys always go through that comparison thing. He has a set of nuts like a billy goat but is kinda short in the dick department. That was a joke we laughted about in the locker room. He said, “If a guy had my nuts and your cock he could be a porn star.”

So I think it is just information he is after. It still is a tough call. Maybe I should do as “haha” said. If he asks again I’ll just say, “Drop YOUR draws and show me how you have been trying to do it.” If he refuses, then I know that he just wants me to put on a show for him and put myself in a comprimising position.

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Its funny that this topic has come up again.

This is a very taboo subject for many people, showing your penis to another male in person. I personally don’t see any problem with it. I mean as long as he doesn’t:

1. Get an erection when you enter the room
2. Try to analize you
3. Asks you if you could hold a piece of slippery soap.
4. Says that he is leaving his wife b/c he is attracted to men that PE.

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Originally Posted by reywdsuyt
Its funny that this topic has come up again.

This is a very taboo subject for many people, showing your penis to another male in person. I personally don’t see any problem with it. I mean as long as he doesn’t:

1. Get an erection when you enter the room

Leaving the cliché of the bar of soap and the rest aside, I wonder if it is this simple, the distinguishing between gay and straight thing? And I wonder how many totally straight guys here ever started getting an erection just looking at some of the posted progress pics here at Thunders.

Eroticism is a highly convoluted thing. What gets eroticised in our growings up and what does not. If having a large cock is a turn on for someone and seeing one gets the blood flowing, does that mean he is gay? Could mean just as validly that he wants one himself, that he wants the power or whatever he equates with that for himself.

I’ve talked with guys, straight guys, who avoid annual physicals because they begin to get erect when touched on their penises or testicles, even by a doc. They avoid annual DREs (digital rectal exams) for the same reason even though they may go bonkers when their wives insert a finger when they are about to cum.

I’ve never been in the position of showing anybody, in person, how to do PE but if I were and he started getting an erection, I wouldn’t assume anything about his sexuality, only that something is eroticizing him. The situation, the size of my cock, whatever.



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