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So I just realized I've been doing the wrong exercises

So I just realized I've been doing the wrong exercises

I’ve been PEing for over a year now, on and off.
Mainly, jelqs, stretching, and kegeling in that order.

But just today, I read the article on TGC theory about smooth muscle vs tunica and found out my BPSFL is about 1.0” longer than my BPEL. My EQ is rated about 8.5. So according to the theory, I should work more on girth training exercises like ulis and squeezes. For a year, I’ve been doing the wrong exercises.

Now that I know that, can anyone help me figure out where I should get started on girth exercises?
What guides should I follow and should I start with newbie exercises or jump straight into it? Because, after all, I have been jelqing for a year.

Have you gained anything lately? A theory is just that, a theory. In any event, you can start out right away with girth exercises, just dont be too overzealous and start with low-moderate intensity and build it up over time IF you need to.

Also, you can continue with the kegels and I would still stretch a bit, but less.

So any specific girth exercises to suggest? I don’t know where to start, so I don’t know which are low or high intensity.

Stay on a jelq only routine for a month and see what it gives. Jelq is a girth and length exercise, so if you haven’t gained it’s unlikely that the TGC theory is the right answer.

I’ve jelqed for about a year now, and I’ve had no gains. Does that mean the theory isn’t applicable to me?

Edit: Also, how do I edit my first post? My BPFSL is actually more like 0.7 inch longer than my BPEL, not 1.0 inch.

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