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So Frustrating!

So Frustrating!

Hey guys. So I’ve been PEing for about seven months now and great gains. About a solid inch more or less. I’ll never know because I didn’t take beginning BPEL measurements only EL measurements. Girth I don’t care for right now, but its pretty much stayed the same.

So why am I frustrated. Well I have been hanging for the past 3 months and I must say its my favorite form of PEing particularly Vacuum Hanging. My measurement BPEL is about 7.4 give or take a millimeter. Because of hanging I am now able to stretch my Peewee to about 7.9 BPFSL. The crazy thing is I can pretty much stretch my penis to a little under 7.8 while 80 to 90% erect! Its so weird and frustrating at the same. I can literally get an erection and stretch it out to my desired length which is not even 7.8 BPEL!

I don’t understand the mechanics of this dilemma. Why is it that I can stretch while erect to my desired length which is not that far off from where I am now? And its not even a hard stretch guys. Its a slight tug when fully erect. Are there any specific PE techniques for this? Would love any feedback.

When you say you stretch your 80%/90% erect penis, do you mean you stretch it straight out or do you push it down to the floor a little?

But I would simply suggest to do some more jelqing. How much jelqing do you do right now?

Hey Pillars I stretch it straight out…

Now that you mention it I stopped doing jelqs around the same time I started focusing on Hanging. Do you think that’s my issue? That I stopped jelqing?

I believe that is the case, there is a big probability for you to gain erect length if you start to jelq again and slowly increase time and intensity.

What has your hanging routine been like? I’ve been doing newbie routine for 3 months and just started hanging this past week.

You are hitting a physical limit when fully engorged. The most likely culprit would be the tunica albuginea.. When not fully engorged, it collapses on itself a little, allowing a longer stretch, but once fully engorged, it loses that extra forward movement. I would bet that doing some girth work would stretch the tunica outwards and and allow you much better gains in erect length. You don’t have to, hanging will eventually stretch it enough to get where you want to be, but your stretched length will always be significantly higher than your erect length without the girth work.

Starting stats.Apr 15th, 2011: 5.5 x 4.5 --- NBPEL-5.5" EG-4.5"

Current stats.Oct 29th, 2011: 6 x 4.75 --- NBPEL-6" EG-4.75" BPEL-6.875" BPFSL-7.25"

Goal: 8 x 6 --- NBPEL- 8" EG-6"

Hey guys thanks for all the responses! Usually Sunday is slow so I didn’t think to check back but I’m glad that I did.

Hey Pillars sounds good. I think I’m going to start back jelqing and do as you say. I’ll just add it to my routine. I have taken a week off due to some issues with the Hanger 2 model but I’m starting back tomorrow at lower weights. MonkeyBars and I are soon to start exchanging emails on my little issue. I did nothing at all PE related this week and I checked my gains. They haven’t left which is sweet! I always feared stopping PEing because I thought I would loose what I gained. But after tunica hanging I don’t think my penis is ever going back to what it started out as. The area down there is completely different now. My penis area feels moved forward. When I use to run or get into the shower afterwards the Peewee would shrivel up and go inside my body. Not anymore. Now it gets really skinny and shriveled but it definitely does not go inside. It stays outside my body.

nunu191919 my hanging routine has been pretty standard. I was hanging BTC for about two months exclusively and got some really good gains from that. For the last month I have been hanging over a fulcrum for tunica work and that effectively pulled out the underside of my penis which was not being attacked properly from BTC. I usually try to get in one hour at max weight and then lower it for another 1-2 hours so 2-3 hours a day 4 to 6 days a week. I haven’t really kept a log or anything. Check out some of my older posts for details. What is your girth currently? I believe the reason why I have gained so easily is due to having very low girth. Its 4.5 and 4.7 at the base. My penis can easily be stretched. My end goal for length is 7.5 EL.

Hey SkinnyStuff I actually have a Bathmate that I bought in April but after reading up on doing length work first I threw it in the corner of my closet. May be I should get it back out, but I’m afraid to do hanging work and girth work at the same time. I understand what you are saying and it makes sense. I’m going to give hanging at least another 3 months before moving to girth work. But I would like to know the girth routine you would recommend for attacking the tunica albuinea? I hope water pumping is included as I have one already. I also like the idea behind clamping. I’m going to try and reach a max weight of 15 pounds with BTC and 10 with Fulcrum and that should stretch the tunica and ligs out as much as needed.

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