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so close yet so!

so close yet so!

Hi everybody, I’ve mentioned my pe issue here and there and i thought id make a thread of it as I’m so very close to curing my pe….yet so far away.
Right method……supplements- re balancing levels or neurotransmitters and such.

Starting point- Extreme pe since stopping smoking marijuana, pe equally bad during blow jobs, hand jobs, penetration. PC spasms, constantly tense PC with high reflex level.

Current point- Can withstand blow jobs and hand jobs (not so much) for AS LONG AS I LIKE, a huge difference from around 2mins to unlimited control. I can also edge with death grip for 20mins + without reaching ponr. Spasms have stopped, pelvic floor relaxed.

However…. my PE during intercourse is NO BETTER than it was. When standing (doggy) i last a little longer. I know why…..THRUSTING.
My pelvic floor is so relaxed, and so is my mind (thanks to the supps i take) but its the squeezing motion of the PC that is causing severe PE. When standing i can avoid the squeezing but no way during any other position. Its almost a reflex….thrust, squeezes the relaxed pelvic floor/prostate= ejaculation.

This I’m sure is linked to possible high acetylcholine? Because my PE gets slightly worse when i take choline,.
I have zero spasms of the pelvic floor as i used too. I am so close yet so far guys.

I currently take…
500mg taurine am and pm
500mg l glutamine am and pm
1x st johns wort pm
100mg vitamin b6 am

Its a reflex issue, its not my mind and my arousal levels are low with very good breathing. I really do need input from somebody who understands these things. I feel as though I’m missing just 1 thing to gain total control in all areas. I personally feel its an acetylcholine issue but possible something else like a hyperthyroidism as I’m as skinny as a rake and i know that its like to the release in the ejaculation process?
Please help if u can.

"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Thundersplace have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”

Just a little update and possible a MASSIVE breakthrough….

2 days ago i added glycine and quercetin plus to my stack.

As i said in my original post i have no pre-e during oral but always during intercourse….the ponr just rockets forwards very fast. Up until now i had eliminated all involuntary kegels and can totally relax the pelvic floor. My ponr comes so fast and nearly immediately. Up until now i have been completely relaxing and when the ponr comes just stopping for a few seconds and that hasn’t helped.

Last night me and my lady planned a naughty night. We took it in turns with oral and i put it in here and there to tease. During oral i was nowhere near ponr as usual but when putting in here and there i could already feel it hovering in the background after a few thrusts.
Once we got down to intercourse ( she had already orgasm ed twice prior) i was like a raging bull and thought so it, il cum straight away they just carry straight on to round 2 without stopping ( i have virtually no refractory period).
So we jump straight in with heavy pounding and after just 20 odd second i think ‘oh s**t’ and so i decided to tense my pc or bc (the one u feel between your balls and ass) as hard as i can for about 15 seconds from just before i want to ejaculate….i do this whilst continuing to pound. I felt a normal orgasm, it was as intense as usual and the sensations were the same and i presumed that i DID ejaculate. I carried on after as was still 100% rock hard. After another 5mins we git up to change positions and we noticed straight away as she stood that there was no cum in her and there was no white residue on my cock.
We carried on having hard sex for a whopping 45 mins longer and i had zero urge to ejaculate again. We pounded away in every position until she tapped out…she was so sore bless her. So she wanted me to finish with her on her knees. Dam it was hard work…i really really really had to chase the ponr, even flexing my pc to encourage it and the whole time she was begging for it to cum.
In the end after a further 5 mins oral and hand job i FINALLY did and it was a little different to normal….not quite as thick (but still was) and a little clearer but still whiteish.
I presumed that i retrograde ejaculated but when i went for a pee around 5 mins later there was zero whiteness or cum present even at the start…….does that mean i must have dry orgasm ed? It felt so intense i collapsed on the bed and was nearly in tears haha, and my lady was nursing a very very sore pussy!!!

Is this even possible? Can i man want to cum within 39 secs, have a dry one, then go for an unlimited amount of time? Sounds very strange!
Please if anybody has any info please share. Or if you know of anyone here who i could approach to talk to then please point out.
I do believe eliminating my involuntaries and strengthening has possibly allowed me to completely shut off ejaculation, and that the quercetin has inhibited histamine release meaning after i orgasm even though it feels sensitive it cant induce another orgasm for 45min + easy.


"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Thundersplace have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”

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