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Smoking the reefer growing the beefer


This thread has given me the motivation to stop the cigs and ill keep the weed for the weekends. I want my rock hard erections back so bad.

Thanks people.

Good to hear that Sut. I’m sure you will feel much better without the weed.
I’m not sure how long you have been smoking. Usually 10+ years of smoking takes a toll on your semen volume. The next thing you start seeing that your dick won’t stay up that long without stimulation. (Remember when in teens how you didn’t have to stroke it to make it bigger. Lol) Good luck with PE.


Yeah Deviltry God- I am 23 now and been smoking weed for about 2 years. Luckily for me I can always get erections no problems at all, however erections as well as general well being will be going down very soon unless quit. Thanks

Kitty Hanger

Anything you smoke dehydrates you. Dehydration shrinks your flaccid. I think this is more of a concern for tobacco smokers that pot smokers. With weed you don’t usually smoke a pack a day so there is less dehydration. The only way I feel smoking pot hurts gains is if you are stoned all the time you will probably not work as hard. That along with the fact you may not remember where you left your clamps. Or if it is really good shit you might get the notion to attach your Bib hanger to the cat. But other than that, no. I don’t think it really slows gains.

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No Nukes

I stopped smoking some years back for about 8 months.

More powerful erections were experienced that is for sure.

But PE also gives me the power rod. With benefits.

My interpretation of pot smoking and PE is..

I was gonna go hang some weights.. Then I got high

I was gonna perform some wet jelqs then I got high

Thats the problem with weed Kadaicha. Are (not —>R) you still doing weed?

When I was young I smoked an ounce a week. Now an ounce would probably last a year. Of course the stuff is much stronger than it was back then. I never buy it anymore and when I have it I often forget I have it, but if I don’t have any I feel like I need to get some. I guess I’ve kind of replaced the habit with Vino, which I feel is probably worse for people than pot, but it is legal, and it taste, sooo good. :gulp:

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No Nukes

My sentiments exactly.

When I don’t have any pot, all I can think of is how much I want some and how I am going to get it. Then I can have it all chopped up in a bowl sitting next to me without smoking it and I don’t feel anxious anymore. It’s a fucked up mind thing!

Kadaicha- You said you quit a year or so ago for 8 months. Whats that mean? You still quit, or just for that 8 months?

Thats the problem with weed Kadaicha. Are (not —>R) you still doing weed?

Yes Sir I am.
Though the new evidence on smoking startles me. They say that all smokers have minor emphisemia and the last ten years of our lives is going to be most uncomfortable.

D-sut. I quit all types of smoke for that time as I had a 2nd dan grading and trained for it for eight months solid.
It was the prime of my life and erection city!
I started back the day after.. shame.


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