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Smoking and Genitourinary Health...

Smoking and Genitourinary Health...

I’m more of a dabbler than a real smoker, although I’m a bigger idiot than most just for smoking at all. (I’m the guy who had colon cancer and then a brain tumor…)

I notice that, to put it bluntly, cigarettes are making my dick hurt. I’m starting to see that I’m not the only one. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good science that will detail what it is that happening?

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Nicotin shrinks your blood vessels => smaller/weaker erections. In time blood vessels will loose their elasticity.

If you have like 1 per week or even day I don’t think it’s a big deal.

As a regular smoker, I have a question for all ex-smokers:

Has anyone, after they quit smoking, noticed any size gains, or perhaps faster gains than when they smoked?

I know that, in theory, increased circulation in your dick should help it rebuild damaged tissue and give you stronger erections, but has anyone experienced this first hand?


Try hypnosis. Worked for me for ten solid years with hardly a twinge of desire for a cigarette - and no weight gain because the hypnotist programmed that into our session. (I asked him to.)

Then, I thought I could handle smoking again in a very casual, recreational way. I bummed a few. I started buying. I kept buying. Back to the couch. But, as I was told: previously and successfully hypnotized subjects tend to smoke more than they did the first time if they start again, which was true for me. It took two sessions and more bucks to quit again.



Nicotine and Caffeine are Vasoconstrictors. What you want for pe is vasodilation (L-arginine for example). Nicotine and Caffeine are also both stimulants which can lead to premature ejaculation among other side effects. I would stay away from both drugs.

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That’s a pretty convincing reason to give the stuff up. As if there weren’t enough reasons already though.

avocet8: How did you go about finding a good hypnotist?


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