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Smiley face

I just felt like telling everyone that I have a birthmark on my penis lol. It’s only small (about the size of a 5p piece if that) and it is faint but when you look at it you can see two dots for eyes and sometimes a vein appears for his mouth. Some people might say it’s ugly but it makes me laugh when I look at it. My gf didn’t notice it till I told her and we were together for a year so it ain’t that noticeable.

Owell that’s all I wanted to say lol, I will try and post a pic of it but it’s hard to get correct focus on him.

Starting stats BPEL:8" EG:5.38" ________________________ Target BPEL:9" EG:6.5"

:) I’ve read here before that someone managed to remove what he thought was a birthmark by wrapping for discoloration purposes, so take a photo know (while you have it).

Hahaha, That’s what I love about this website; Just about everything is shared, no matter how trivial.

Take a photo, should be good for a giggle!



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