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Small Penis Phobia

Small Penis Phobia

I am wondering if anyone else has robbed themselves of dating opportunities because of small penis phobia.

I avoid dates and am nervous and shy around women because I am too scared of getting to a point where I would have to reveal my penis to them.

On one hand I want to date and have sex but on the other hand I always take the easier way out and stay in my comfort zone and live on my own.

If anyone was ever like this and snapped out of it, maybe you can share how you broke free. I too often am paralyzed by fear in my life and it stops me from improving my life.

I hope I can get my penis to the size that will make me comfortable around women and the thought of sex.

First of all, sit down take your time and write what’s good about your penis and why your size is irrelevant to be concerned about.
Write about all the positive stuff you and your penis are gonna do, befriend him.

Then with a vivid imagination, see how you meet random girls and it’s time to get sexy. How do you react? How does she react?
You can imagine good scenarios and bad scenarios, then apply your mindset about what good with your penis etc. Think about how an ideal, calm confident guy would handle the situation with having a small dick revealed, and seeing the woman liking it or being disappointed.
Let the fears come and feel them fully, don’t suppress any emotions or anxiety but let them come. Understand them and let go. Eventually they will fade in strength once you no longer care about them, and be replaced by your new positive outlook which you now care about instead.

Remember, there’s no real difference between imagination and reality. So you can use your fantasy as a training ground and then use the results IRL.
Do this for 15min or so, how many times you like per day. Once you start to feel a bit confident about your dick you have set yourself on the right path and you can go out and meet real girls no problem. Rest is history.

Start stats NBP: 6.7 inches length, 5.12 inches girth.

Goal: 7.0x5.6 // 18x14,3cm nbp

Current: 6.8x5.314

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