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Small Penis Comments: Reasons You Started to Jelq

Small Penis Comments: Reasons You Started to Jelq

I saw a similar topic in the public forums, and some of the stuff was pretty funny. Anyways, since you have to post 30 times before you can post there- I can bring the topic here xD

Here it is -

I’m messing around with my girl in the dark - I put my finger inside her, she says ‘is that your dick inside?’ WTFFF!! I didn’t even have 2 fingers lol

I liked to think it was cause her pussy was so tight, even around my finger - but this was nothing more than a small penis comment.

Another reason I jelq now is cause I love dirty talking about using my big dick on her. ‘You like being filled up with my big dick?’, ‘tell me you love big dick’ ‘you like sucking my big dick’ bla bla bla the shit you can say is endless, and its fucking sexy - and I guess slightly more sexy knowing you actually have a slightly bigger than average dick xDDD

I also love watching big dick porn, and reading the girl’s comments below ‘give me some of that thick dick’ bla bla is a turn on and motivating for me.

Done! I hope others can share any amusing stories they have. If there’s 1 place you can laugh at shit like this- it’s here.

When I was 15 and was a big newbie on sex, I was underneath the covers with a girl who was a virgin. Just as I put my finger in her and she was incredibly tight, she asked me to slow down with my dick when I just put a finger into her! I’ve only got an average dick, but you can tell it took a while for me to get it in, big confidence boost in my young years!

When my wife lost her virginity she didn’t bleed. The guy said to her that he thought she was lying, she wasn’t a virgin. When I fucked her, she bleed everywhere (no, not on period). To this day she says I was the only one that ever made her bleed.

She is proud of that, especially since the other guy was such an asshole to her.

Start: EL 6.75" -> Before PE (stat I told my wife even though I felt I exaggerated and remember EL 5.9")

Current: FBPSL 8.5", BPEL 7.75", EG 5.1" SqueezeEG 5.6 -> June 2012

Goals: BPEL 8.0", EG 5.5" Starting Pics

When I was in college I was making out with this chick on my bed and thinking about her pussy as the goal. So I’m rubbing her tits through her top and she starts getting hot and opens her legs wide and opens her mouth to french with me and I lost my hard on. Her mouth was so big I envisioned being sucked in alive and swallowed. It’s the only time I felt so small with a chick that I shut it down and took her home. We didn’t talk after that and I felt guilty for being so rude to her. It wasn’t her fault. She wanted it to happen and I couldn’t have ever kissed her again let alone fuck her. She had become a Medusa in my head for making my dick shrink. I wish she’d have never tried to french kiss me and just went with the legs spread for me. Things would have been much better after we’d fucked and she tried french kissing me. Hell I’d have loved her big mouth on my dick! I’m sure she’d have deep throated it.

Pre-PE 11/11 BPEL 5.9 EG 5.3

Started PE: 3/12 BPEL 6.0 EG 5.6 * Current: BPEL 7.0 EG 5.9 BPSL 7.4 Nut Lgth 2.5" * Goal: BPEL 7.3 EG 6.3 BPSL 8.00

Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

I think I answered the question backwards, but that is when I realized size matters. Before that I was scared a woman would laugh if she saw my penis.

Start: EL 6.75" -> Before PE (stat I told my wife even though I felt I exaggerated and remember EL 5.9")

Current: FBPSL 8.5", BPEL 7.75", EG 5.1" SqueezeEG 5.6 -> June 2012

Goals: BPEL 8.0", EG 5.5" Starting Pics

I just want to please my girlfriend more :D she already says I’m the perfect size but I don’t care the gains are so slow that I can stop whenever it becomes to much for her.

How do you make sure that you’re a normal human

1. You have a facebook

2. You have a mobile

4. You’re wasting your time reading my post

5. You didn’t realize that there is no number 3. In this post

7. You did check that if there/there is not number 3.

8. Where is number 6 you idiot!

9. Now your smiling and you knew that your an idiot and your still smiling.

10. Where is number 1. Smart ass!!

11. You believed me, and you went up to check number 1. You’re unbelievable

12. You know, your totally abnormal, get a life :D

Start July 07 2011 = Length 6.5 Girth 5.3 ---> 07 / May / 2012 = NBPEL 7 In / BEG 6.2.5 In / MEG 5.8

Goal : All the way --- And no this is not my photo :D

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