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Small pain inside the head of my penis

Small pain inside the head of my penis


I started on a newbie routine a couple of weeks ago which only contained jelqing. Now I started stretching too (1x10 seconds to each direction). Unfortunately after stretching (when I’m going to sleep, or the next day) I feel a small pain inside the head of my penis (if I squeeze it just a little bit).

Is this normal? Should I maybe take a break from stretching?

My routine is (every second day):
Kegel routine
5 minutes of warmup
40 jelqs (the amount increases every third workout)
1x10 seconds stretches in every four direction
5 minutes of warmdown

Hope you can help - thanks!

That’s a very light routine and shouldn’t be causing any problems. Always best to take a break if you have any pain you shouldn’t have. It should recover quickly. Make sure you are not using the head to grip hard while stretching.

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My personal rule is, PE should not hurt.

A little discomfort is OK. You get discomfort in your muscles and tendons and ligaments from stretching and exercising and recovering afterward. That’s OK. But outright pain? Not in my PE routine.

I’d suggest that you give it a rest until the pain goes away, then start again at a lower level of force.

Another thing that might help - trying doing the stretches before the jelqs, and see if the change in sequence makes any difference.

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Also lighten up the grip on jelqs. You shouldn’t try to squeeze your penis, but to move blood inside your penis.

I used to get that a lot pre PE. From masturbation. PE actually diminished that sensation almost completely.

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