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Small newbie with high hopes.


Small newbie with high hopes.

I’ve started PE about a month ago. I’m way too small and recently lost a potential GF I’ve been talking to for a long time because I was embarrass of the size of my penis. It is currently 4”x4”. Yep, way below average. I’m only 5’ 6” tall. If I press it upgainst my PB, I can get 4 1/2 if I strech the penis also. I also bought some magna rx from GNC just for the hell of it. I’m just going to do manual streching( jelq and streching). My goal is 6 inches and 5 inches of girth. I’m hoping to achieve at least 5x4 1/2 by a year. I’m 21 and turning 22 in a month. I am pretty healthy, I go to the gym.

Has anybody heard of results from a 4incher?

Should I just measure my penis every week or month?

Why has god cursed me?

Should I see gains within 2 months?

And my penis is sore, is that a good sign?

Do you guys have any advice for a guy like me that might go suicidal in a year if he doesnt see ANY results?

Ill try to keep you guys updated every month if you guys want and if I remember. I’m very serious about these PE cause girls are the only thing I care about in my life now. I’ve got a decent job and friends and I don’t care about anything else.

Magna RX = Bullshit to the best of my knowledge.

Now to answer your many questions. :)

Has anybody heard of results from a 4inches?


Should I just measure my penis every week or month?

Go for…every two weeks. ;) Not too often to frustrate you, not too scarcely to lose touch with whether what you are doing is working or not.

Why has god cursed me?

Because it’s fun to curse things. :)

Should I see gains within 2 months?

Maybe. Some gain within days. Some gain after a year or more. But yeah, you are likely to.

And my penis is sore, is that a good sign?

Slightly sore is OK, but if it gets achey enough for you to notice the soreness for much of the day, take a few days off.

Do you guys have any advice for a guy like me that might go suicidal in a year if he doesnt see ANY results?

Um yeah, see a shrink or a counsellor or something, if you are that far gone then you should seek help. But you should see results within a year. And if you don’t, you can always go the surgical enlargement route or whatever.

Welcome, by the way, and the best of luck. :)

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Is there any post in this forum with a guy that has EL below 4 1/2 inches that has a before and after pics or his progress summary. I want to know what kind of results I should expect. I know everybody is different but I just want to know for the hell of it. Seems like most people here are already average before they start their PE.

What he said.

Also, follow the newbie routine to the letter (and you probably are already- just a reminder).

Gains don’t happen over night, remember its a marathon, not a sprint.

If you feel suicidal, talk to someone, penis size isn’t everything a woman looks at in a man, trust me.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

There are no guarantees. Try PE and see where it gets you. I have observed that guys who start out on the small side tend to gain more than guys who start out larger. Perhaps it’s because smaller guys are more motivated, or perhaps there’s something about a smaller penis that makes it better suited to respond to PE.

As far as numbers go, I think it is reasonable to expect that you might gain 1/2” in both length and girth in the next 3 months. That’s what happened to me. Stick to the newbie routine for a while. Work up very gradually. Do not increase intensity too quickly.

Realize that there are a great many women who don’t care about dick size. When it comes to pleasing a woman, good oral skills are much more important than dick size.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Yeah, loads of things are taken into account besides penises. Have you heard of the website, rangnut? Maybe you should join up there.

Offhand, I can’t think of any member progress pics of a guy as small as you but I haven’t been registered here as long as many others so maybe someone else will have some ideas. Bear in mind that small guys are less likely to post pics than big guys, by the way.

And not everyone is average before PE. I wasn’t. In fact, I’m still under average in terms of length, though I have a little extra girth which I am very grateful for. It seems there is a trend of small guys not posting as much as big guys as well - stick around and you might defy the laws of Thunder’s Place. Or, even better, post some progress pics. ;)

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

I was a little under 5 way back when. Now I’m about 6 1/2 bp. I was very inconsistent in my efforts due to my living conditions, and have PE’d for about 3 or four years off and on. Actual time PE’ing probably a year and a half. Be consistent and keep at it. If it takes a few years so what? You’ll still be young enough to chase the hotties. :D

Sorry but I have no starting pics and don’t want my dick on the internet.

Every man has moments of self doubt and adversity, but it is what each man does in these moments which makes all the difference.

Have look through the database. I’m pretty sure there are some like you who have gained.

Look on the bright side, you are only twenty two. I wish this place was around when I was your age.

Take it slow and safe, You have plenty of time.

Grow yourself a whopper, then tell her to fuck off.

Welcome and good luck with your PEing. I look forward to hearing your success!

23 Years Old

Current: 6.4 NBPEL 5.2 EG 4.2 NBPFL 4.5 FG

Goal: 8.5 NBPEL 6.5-7 EG 6.0 NBPFL 5.5 FG

Best of luck man, and welcome

Hey dude, follow the newbie routine. I have been PEing for 2 years, I got injured hanging so I stopped for a while. I am experienced at this and have learned the hard way. Keep in mind, everything we do here is dangerous. condition your dick with the newbie routine. Do not jump the gun and be patient, all will work out.

I myself use the newbie routine cause it it easy and I believe that one can get great gains. I have gained 1/4” in 3 weeks. that’s a lot of gain. Remember this is you will not get the over night bean stalk. It will take a lot of time and commitment. Hey, It is certainly a goal. Give it some time time.

Hey good luck in your endevours mate,

I’m about halfways through my 4th week with my own worries so your not alone, I also have this chick I am worried about what she’ll think when she sees mr doodle :) , I’m average in length but for some reason that’s not what I’m looking for.

The fact is I get with alot of women just not sexually, I’m 21 myself and I felt it was time to do something about it. So here I am tugging away at my penis haha.

If you like you can have a look at my progress report in the progress report section, we are pretty much at the same stage, so you can compare notes or whatever.

Anyway good gains!

Start: 2nd of march-2006 Stats: BPEL (6.4" 16.4cm) NBPEL (5.9" 14.9cm) EG (5.0" 12.8cm)

Goal : 7.5" NBPEL 6.0" EG My Progress Report

4 Weeks Left On Newbie Routine

rangnut, first welcome aboard.

Well, I was about 4” (ELNBP) before PEing, I have gained almost an inch in length and 0”6 in girth after three months of Wet Jelqing and Manual stretching.

Hope that helps,

Good luck!


7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

I believe PE Grandmaster Bib described his genitals as ‘infantile’ before he began his Herculean stretching regimen. Now the thing is the size of a salami. So if you need inspiration just look at him.

PE will work if you put in the time.


I’ve heard of good as well as great results from 4 inchers. I can’t recall hearing about any <5 inchers giving up without gains.

Continue your routine for a while. Don’t cut corners. Some guys have quick newbie gains, and others see their first gains after 6 months; others still report having a very hard time gaining anything, for whatever reasons.
Motivation surely is an important factor, but that’s not to say that there are any guarantees that manual PE will be your ticket. Maybe you’ll exceed it, but don’t despair if the .5” within 3 months goal isn’t met. And again, don’t cut corners: you should expect no gains from that, only harm.

There’s the possibility of trying hanging later on. The Bib Starter works for EL 3.5” and up, so it’s an option for you. There are probably other hangers as well which could work quite nicely. Personally I had no gains after 3 months of manual PE, but gained .6” EL within 10 weeks of hanging.

Keep working and learning your unit, along with educating yourself on the forums.


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