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Small newbie with high hopes.


Best of luck Ragnut. I really your PE works for you. From what I have read, just don’t get discouraged and don’t over-do your training.

As far as getting depressed and wanting nothing but girls, all I can say is that there are women that prefer smaller penis’ since the most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina is within the first 2 inches. Also, there are other things you can focus on too; Cunnilingus and G-Spot. Most women have never had a G-Spot orgasm. Anyway, again I hope everything goes well. Best of luck.

Thanks for the reply guys. It’s not that all I want is girls. I just need a female companion to make my life complete. I don’t want to be limited to certain women because of my penis, that is what is bothering me.

I’ve got another question, wouldn’t it be harder for me to gain length and girth compared to a person with a larger penis? It’s like, if I were to gain an inch. In girth, that would be a 25% increase in size. For someone with 5 inches of girth to gain an inch would be only an 20% increase. It’s like if you were to think of a pencil gaining an inch of girth. Thats a lot of meat you have to add onto it. Does my theory make any sense?

rangnut. Your theory about gaining more absolute size being harder because your starting from a smaller point makes sense. I believe it, but that doesn’t help you to think about it. I started 6.25bpx4.25 and now I’m 7.25bpx5eg. Now I’m working on girth. Just believe in yourself. Really, its only flesh and blood. We move teeth, the Russian’s stretch bones for height, just look at all the people putting big holes in their earlobes. If you just have faith and have the time (I’m on 2 years and plan on 2 more). I think you can reach any goal you set. Some people reach limits after a while, but it’s still just flesh. (It may take a long time) Welcome and good luck.


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