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Small man big pp!

Small man big pp!

Hello Group,

The subject line is what my new wife said to me two years ago. Yeah, that comment made my day but prompted me to measure the guy and I discovered that I’d lost at least half an inch over my 50 years! Being the selfish male I began my quest for pe knowledge and had wasted time and money with no gains, through various pay sites.

Now, I’m beginning to see REAL changes by applying techniques that I’ve learned here. Still no real gains yet, after two weeks, but my erections are much harder and my penis has become alot more veiny.

My wife has addmitted to me that it hurts sometimes when I go deep but I know that I’m not bottoming out. She did have some uterine surgery when she was young and maybe that’s why. So, consequently, she does not want length but a lot more girth.

My goal is to be 7x6 . Right now I’m 6 5/8 bpel and 5 ” girth . Yes, I would like to be even larger than 7x6 but my wonderful wife is more important than my vanity!

Thanks to you all! You’re a great bunch of folks!!!!!!!!

BTW, the small man thing? I’m only 5’ 4”

Hello Clawhammer,

I’m memento I’m a PE addict (sorry hello group got to me).

Good starting point don’t expect too much too quickly. For most of us this is a long term thing.

Yes the harder erection more veiny thing is nice isn’t it.

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Do you smoke?

A friend told me about a long time study (over 80 years).
They discovered that smokers loose about 17 mm (0.67”)
in about 50 years of smoking.

A reason maybe that the blood flow/circulation of heavy
smokers gets worse.

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

You have a very realistic set of goals which you should be able to obtain if you persevere…

Any chance you are hitting your wife’s cervix? My wife finds this painful as well, but when I use proper positioning and slip past it into her cds, look out. She becomes a wild woman :)

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No, I don’t smoke anymore. I quit about 15 years ago but it may have something to do with my retreating penis. It sounds logical to me.

I don’t know if I’m hitting her cervix because I don’t feel the head bumping into anything. She say’s that the pain begins where the head of my pecker is and spreads diagonally upwards on her right side. It only happens when she is on top and really bearing down on me. She is very petite and has never had any children and did have an ovary removed on on her right side. If I am hitting her cervix maybe I need to try for 7.5 in length or whatever it takes to hit her CD’S ?

Thanks Guys!

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