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Small girth - looking for advice on where to start


Small girth - looking for advice on where to start

Hello all,
I’m new to this and somewhat unsure of how to begin or what is/are the best ways to achieve what I need.
I’m currently married to my loving wife and it’s come out after 7 years that she isn’t happy with my size(girth)
This is something I’ve always been aware of from a personal stand point, but I was taken off guard by it, and I felt shaken and knocked down by her admission.

It is important to me to be able to provide for her what she wants/needs/desires. At least to the fullest that I am capable.

I am currently measuring in at an average length of 6.5” erect, but only maybe 3”in girth.

I would appreciate some advice and how to get started, and also if anyone else has been successful in girth gains from a point like this. Ideally I want to reach 5” in girth. Is this unreasonable? Has anyone else gotten 2 inches?

Thanks for your patience! I’m a newbie to this.

Start with the newbie routine, always. Once you’ve become conditioned AND you get to know your dick, then you can start adding dedicated girth exercises.

I had a baseball bat: 6” head, 4.5” near the base. After years of PE - jelquing, stretching, clamping - I’m now 5.75 at the narrowest point. Yes, PE works. Just be careful, and go slow.

Now, as for you wife.. Sorry, but stories like this always piss me off. Is she regularly Keggeling? I doubt it. Do it for YOU, not for her.

Hi CaptainJ,

Welcome aboard the good ship PE.

I get that girth is your focus but you need to start with the standard newbie routine. You can’t just go to the exercises that claim great girth gains, you’ll kill your dick. You may find you gain some length too but that’s a cross you will have to bear.

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As for my motivation, I realize now that I made it seem like my goal was to do this for her, and in a way it is. It’s ultimately for me, if I’m successful or not, get to where I want to be or not, doesn’t matter as much to me as finally doing something about it.

I second memento. Newbie routine for a bit and keep doing it as long as you are gaining from it. Monitor your PI’S and pay close attention to what your dick is telling you.

That’s great that you are doing something about it. I’m glad that you are doing it for you. She obviously will get to reap the benefits of your hard work. Just be patient and keep focused.

Welcome aboard

Welcome Captain.

As everyone said, the newbie routine is important to prepare your dick for more a more specific exercise. I also recommend you to edge, and focus on kegels.

If you are willing to spend some money you could buy a Bathmate, which is relatively safe to use and can grant you fast girth gain (but it takes a long time to become permanent).

Plus, you can wear a cocking during sex, it may help you get a little wider too.

Anyhow, start slow, pay attention to how your dick reacts, and the rest days are important.

Thanks for the the advice! I will be starting the newbie routine asap, I’m also considering supplements and a hydro pump like the bath mate or penomet , any one have any preferences or encouragement on what’s been effective?

I realize everyone is different.

Captain Jay,

My advice to you would be to use the newbie routine and only the newbie routine for a few months. Lots of guys have gained and continued to gain that way using only their hands.

If you get to a point when you are conditioned that you feel other methods of pe will be beneficial, I suggest you research here and anywhere else you can get the information on what you are considering. And then research some more. Not that these suggestions made by constradrugo are bad, but you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with what you accomplish using just the newbie routine. Pe is a marathon not a race.


You should avoid buying a bathmate/penomet, you can get a better set up (quality cylinder and a gauge) for cheaper (see my thickwall thread for more info) .

Focus on the newbie routine , your technique and be patient.

Starting a progress log is helpful (update it daily ), and record accurate measurements of your girth (base , midshaft and under the glans) . It is always better not to miss any gain you worked for!

While you are doing a newbie routine, check out the pumping forum. I attribute most of my 1” gain in girth to a fairly rigorous pumping routine with a system equipped with a vacuum gauge.

Contrasdugo makes a good point regarding the use of a cock ring. I have suffered with ED for. Many years and in the first few years I used a doubled over well lubed 1/2” rubber band around the whole unit (behind the balls). It not only improved my EQ, but it also temporarily increased the girth. However, my erection started to turn numb after ten minutes and needed to be removed after 20 minutes to avoid possible injury due to lack of oxygenated blood. Constriction will also condition your dick for pumping.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Captain- as you progress and make gains which you undoubtedly will, be aware that there is an upper range that going beyond is no longer functional. Check out TNTJockey’s thread outlining his success and hardships with his newfound size. Before long you will be push past the 5 inch mark and wondering if you should continue training and gaining or realize enough is enough :) I don’t have to wish you luck because this stuff works as well as your best efforts.

Just wanted to update,
I got off work early today, so looked into the beginner routine and tried it out. I have to say I find it difficult to keep track of reps.
Also I did an accurate measure and found that I’m actually 6.5’ long and 4 1/8’ in girth, so this will be my starting point to start tracking progress.
I appreciate your time and advice!
My next post will most likely be a while from now, I intend to start a progress post with weekly results.
Its obvious that I came to the right place.

Thanks again for the warm welcome!

Damn you already gained more than an inch in girth, it was worth measuring!

I’m sorry for mi english;

I think so that is no real reason, because, the vagina can adapt to every girth. the pussy can hold up a “Digital tampon” with your contraccion.

Inicio: EG < 13cm - - - > Actual (mayo 2015): EG = 13cm - - - > Meta: EG = 14.5cm

Those who start smaller for some reason gain more initially, maybe some latent volume or what not but statistically this is true. I think you will see pretty fast results (relatively speaking). Don’t give up.

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Goal: Pump 40 min 2x daily 6 mos start 8/23/17 PICS AND PROGRESS

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