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Small girth gain

Small girth gain

So as some of you guys may know I have been failing in my attempts to gain length. I have been doing BTC manual and V- stretches. My routine was 5min warm up, 10min BTC, 10min V Stretches, some times 5min warm down. Now I’m just doing the newbie routine.

So last night I measured my length and I made no gains. Then I thought hey what the hell I’ll measure my girth. My penis is very uniform in girth and has always been 5.5 inches. So I measured last night and I gained 1/8 of an inch. Today I measured twice at different times in the day and had the same gain. The gain is very solid 1/8 of an inch. The gain is also uniform too. However the middle portion of my penis looks thicker, but has still gained the same 1/8.

I know 1/8 of an inch is not a huge gain. But 1/8 is half of 1/4, and no one would say 1/4 is a small gain. My main goal is length not girth. But I’ll gladly take any gains I can get. Also I think these gains must be from my old routine because I just started the doing the newbie routine about a week ago. Sorry if this post about such a small gain seems pointless.

Congrats on the gain. In my opinion, any gain is good and any progress, however slow, is still progress. Well done.

(Don’t worry about whether 1/8” is considered minor or small..If 1/8” is considered small, why would all guys insist on including it in their stats? :)

No one is going to say they’re 6” if they’re actually 6 1/8”)

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Congratulations, bluedragon!

A gain is a gain, be proud :D . Thanks for posting, I found it inspirational, I’m always happy to read when someone has gained.

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Thanks for the responses guys. Having made a gain I know now that it is truly possible for me to make gains. Reading that it is possible to make your penis bigger and knowing first hand that it is possible is totally different.

Congrats on the gains man. its always good to hear about someone making gains like soundsoul said.

Keep up the good work man it doesn’t matter how small the gain is, it’s getting bigger slowly but surely

"Just jelq"

V-stretches are more effective for girth than length actually. Jelqing is a must.

I thought it was the V stretchs that led to the girth gain. But I didn’t know that they were girth exercises.

Yes jelqing is for both length and girth. BTC is very good for length but you need to stretch left ,right and up as well.

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