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Small Flaccid size

Small Flaccid size

I am just begining the newbie workout this week and my main motovation for starting PE is to incress my flaccid size. I feel it looks too small and I often feel embarised about it in locker rooms and men’s rooms. (sounds pathitic doesn’t it ?) so what I want to know is this, are there any additional streches or excercizes that I can do to help me out in that area a bit more?

Thanks in advance for you help

Hi miguel27,

The Newbie Routine will be effective enough to increase your flaccid size, but you might also want to do a search on “fowfers.” Some people say this exercise really helps flaccid gains. Here’s one thread I brought up on fowfers. Just make sure when you do these that you shake your dick out every 10 minutes or so, so you can get some blood moving around again.

Just start


Your concerns do not sound pathetic. I’ve been exactly where you are with the feelings of embarrassment in locker rooms, public urinals, etc. , but those days are now long gone. The newbie routine is an excellent way to begin, and most of all you need to stay committed, patient and focused. If you’re lucky, gains may come quickly, but for most people PE is not an overnight fix.

I know what you’re going through, and there have been many others just like you and me who have been very successful in increasing their flaccid size substantially along with their erect size. It may be even more encouraging to you that flaccid increases usually happen before erect length increases.

Rather than repeat my beginning stats, current stats, routines used, etc., you can read a recent summary of my efforts and results at the link below:


I wish you well, and you will be successful if you do your part.


Hmmm… i have just read up on the fowfer after the search feature and still have some questions. Well, i’m going to do the fowfer for flaccid gains, but it doesn’t feel like i’m really sitting on it. Can anyone tell me how i’ll know whether i’m doing it right or wrong?

Oh, i forgot to add that it feels like my knee is resting on my penis, rather than my butt being on the penis.

Thanks for all the sugestions I will try the fowfers with may next routine. I finally decided to start after lurking arount here for awhile. I am very busy and I hope that I will be able to keep it up to get the results I want. I am about 6 inches long erect now not sure about girth but soft I am only like 2 in. maybe 3 in a real good day. I know I should get some accurate messurements but I am not sure how to do the girth. I will do my best and keep you all posted on my progress


Girth Measurement

A tape measure works pretty well. Otherwise, just find a piece of string and wrap it around your dick (mid-shaft or at the base, people argue about this one back and forth, just be consistent) mark the string, and then measure it on a ruler. That should get you an accurate girth measurement.

And for the record, 6 inches erect isn’t such a bad starting point. It’s about where I was when I started.

Thanks for the help everyone

I tried the Fowfer strech last night, I think It went well. I did have some resrversion about sitting on my dick and If I could strech it that far but it was easier than I thaught it would be I did it for five minutes changing sides then did jelq for 10 and streched some more. don’t know how well it will work for me but I am going to try it for a few months or so and see.
And I plan to take accurate mesurments and pics very soon

FOWFERS, FOWFERS, FOWFERS, and then when your done , MORE FOWFERS!! Good luck

Gain Till She Bleeds

Just care flaccid length!God bless us~

Try Fowfers when you going to bed to sleep. I place my penis and nurries behind my thighs and lay on your side, with your knees slightly pulled up. Definitly increases your flacid size. Becareful though if you stretch and straighten your legs during the night. You will get a bonus stretch. Ive been doing it now for a couple of weeks and it is quite easy to manage.

If you have a low LOT, are fowfers still worth doing?

I don’t really feel like I’m getting anything out of the fowfer stretches, whereas when I stretch manually, I can really feel it both during and after.

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