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Small flaccid hang

Small flaccid hang

Can having a small flaccid hang make manual stretching more difficult?

no, you need to feel out what works for you through expiermentation. Over time you will figure out exactly how much pull and how much stretch and in what body positions you need to do it to make your dick grow longer. If you care about girth then I suggest jelqing, uli’s, and horse440’s etc, but most people including BIB agree that you should logically tackle getting your length first then work on the girth. I know this will make some people mad but I believe it to be true :/

I don’t see why it would hinder stretching, if you can stretch your shaft out one inch you can stretch.

Just asking becauseI have a difficult time manual stretching. I cannot get a good grip I guess because I always seem to put way too much pressure on the glans and also no matter how high up I grasp I seem to put pressure in the areas right below the glans. So either I am sweezing the hell out of my glans or I wond up just stretching skin and that is painful and useless. I have tried many different techniques like stretching all the way from the base liek soemone posted before and also using oneleg on a chair as leverage while I stretch. All end up with the same two propblems I have. It frustrates me alot. I use latex gloves. Any other techniques or grips? It frustrated me alot because I need lenght.

The skin stretching pain will start to fade after several sessions. One thing that works for me so I won’t put too much stress on the glans is gripping and pushing with the bottom of my palm down. This way you could ease up on the two fingers nearest the head and still get a good stretch.

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