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slow and steady wins the race...

slow and steady wins the race...

Thanks for all the replies I recieved from my recent queries. I see what you mean Thunder, I guess I have been going at it like a bull at a gate. I will make sure that I stick to the group A workout for the next month, and see how I respond. hey Memento, I have recently stopped smoking, and although I’m still fighting the desire I can honestly say, the fitness gains have been amazing. I don’t think I’ve experienced any weird shape, issues since I started PE but I sure do get some spots! And I tell you what, that baseball bat scenario really sounds debilitating (commiserations to any sufferers out there).

Well done on quitting smoking. I can honestly say that if I could go back to my 12 year old self and deliver a sound slap everytime a cigarette was put to the lips I would. As it is I have next to no will power, so I guess I’ll be smoking through a hole in my neck before long. A couple of years back I took up yoga in an effort to give up, I was suffering at the time. I still do the yoga and I can honestly say that it has helped me smoke more cigarettes a day than I previously thought possible and I still feel fitter.

The (jelq induced?) spots should lessen as you condition your penis and once they do its time to ratchet up the level. After months of jelqing I now jelq with almost a full erection (maybe 90%), kegel on every stroke and grip damn hard.

Don’t worry about the baseball bat thing, its correctable. As you read through previous posts you will see that the hangers tend towards a carrot shape and the jelqers towards a baseball bat. I’m pretty much cylindrical now with my base girth slightly ahead of my mid girth I put that down to both jelqing with a good erection and stretching in the morning.

sorry I didn’t reply to this one earlier (i missed it somehow), especially as you mentioned smoking which I never fail to harp on about given half a chance.

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