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Slobberings from a troll


And there he is again. The rude moderator

Are you not supposed to talk nice, or do you just like to say fucking alot?

This is the guy I’m a disappointed with, it seems he doesn’t like people that worry alot about the exercises. Maybe you are just and angry man who has some other problems in your life, and therefor you don’t have time to young newbies that post all kind of questions, because they are worried about the exercise, who knows.

But since when was it considered normal post rules to talk like that, you are a moderator, you should be an example and don’t say fuck so much, or is this a scarface movie or what?(-;


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:) That’s me, I have a short fuse when it comes to trolls.

You haven’t been a member long enough to read all the threads on these forums. So that is bullshit.

You won’t have a decent look at the advice people do give you. Bullshit #2.

And you haven’t even tried a search for “sensitivity”. Bullshit #3.

Here, this search will show you just the threads that have sensitivity in their titles, there are plenty other mentions if you search for sensitivity in the content of all posts. You would know this if you had tried searching.
Click the link below and then click the “search now” button on the search page.


Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

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I have searched for that once thunderss, I already told you. And for the first time I’ve got the answer I was looking for, but I got the answer with this post, So I had to post, no bullshit there(-;

And I repeat, I have already searched for sensitivity, and there is only one thread that I could find, and they didn’t answer the questions that I had in mind. This post has made everything clear for me and for others I hope. So you should just be happy that the troll(me) found his answers.

Do you see many die hard and jean claude movies thunderss?because you talk like one of them. No fine talking in you I can see.


You think you’re the only who worries about this? Listen, nobody here would trade a healthy, small penis for a useless, big one. That’s why things like surgery and fat injections are discouraged.

In the other sensitivity thread you made I asked for some sort of link to the case of the guy who ruined his penis with jelqing. I’m still waiting for that link. Please, give us some evidence that this could actually be a problem before you claim it is a problem. Give us an explanation, relying on anatomy and physiology, that would explain the risks. As far as I can tell, you’re just being a troll.

We are pioneers of the PE saga. We are the Lewis & Clark of our time.

Anything can be very bad for you. You think water is good for you? Wrong! Tens and tens of people die every year from water poisoning. Think going to the beach is safe? Hell no! Sand kills more people every year than sharks.

Springer240, that was a useless post from you, worse than mine, at least you have a nice picture

Yes, we can die from all kinds of stuff what is the point there exactly. Lack of intelligence mister springer, lets see what you post the next time as an answer to my opinion, about your lack of intelligence in that post.

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:D :cya:

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Haha I just have to laugh at how well thunder handled the troll (no sarcasm), not to mention the title of this thread . Well done.

Hey troll -

Why don’t you just start pe and try to make your dick just a little bigger with much less risk of loosing sensitivit? Then, if it’s just a bit bigger and still at 100%sens. Try a little bit More and so on.

Once at 8x6 and still 100% sens. You open a new thread:

‘Troll’s progress report: 8x6 at 100 % sensitivity. How to and exercises to avoid’ or so.

Good luck on your road. And - try to make friends in here, - it’s much more fun.

Later - ttt


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