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Slobberings from a troll

Read Sernind’s posts in this thread. Read them good too.

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

My Pics

AOM's training log

I disagree from when I read the title of this thread. DISAGREE COMPLETELY. No more to say.

Past: 5-5.5" BPEL x 4.5" GIRTH

Present: 7.55" BPEL x 5.55" GIRTH (1 year progress)

Future: 8-9" BPEL x 6" GIRTH

I really do not care about the 10% percent of sensitivity as long as I can get erect! Sensitivity? I got it enough 10% percent would be OK to yield if significant gains are foreseen. Gains, huger penis that is all a I demand!

I dont know about health issues. I do think that you can jelg yourself into a funny shape. At least I thinkyou can get that through improper Jelq technique. But if you dont do it too hard…my penis is far healthier…far far far.

I imagine that clamping and bending culd hurt you for sure. But jelqing? You dont sell pumps do you? just kidding

Oh god here’s another medical person thinking that they know everything and trying to prove PE wrong in some way again.

Alexandro19, I’m glad I could help. Regarding links, I don’t know if I can help you there, since I used Anatomy Compendium books I have lying around here. Gray’s and F. Netter are good books for images and I used Testut & Latarjet’s Compendium of descriptive anatomy.

Started: BPEL: 13 cm / EG: 10.5 cm // 27-06-07

Now: BPEL: 14.1 cm / EG: 10.7 cm // 18-10-07

Goal: BPEL: 17 cm / EG: 13 cm // Soon ;)

Think next time about the title of your threads, ridiculous.

FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success

The OP has his concerns, no doubt and he is entitled to them. But to the OP, you worry way too much.

Progress Tracking As of 01/01/05 : 6.5 BPEL x 5.25 G As of 04/08/05 : 6.75 BPEL x 5.25 G Short Term Goal : 7 BPEL Long Term Goal : When a trip to china and getting on the great wall means hopping on my member

Of course jelqing can be dangerous. Going to the gym can be dangerous. Travelling by car, plain, boat, can be dangerous. Too much O2 in your lungs can be dangerous.

A few years ago I suffered badly from ED, nothing helped , I then

discovered Thundersplace and started doing the excercises

mainly jelqing. In the beginning I might have overdone it , almost

everyday for a few months, you do lose a certain amount of

sensitivity in the beginning but that also came back.

I now try to jelq once a week, time permitting, BUT the big advantage

is that my ED is a thing of the past, and I am in my sixties.

The increase in size is just a extra bonus, much enjoyed by my wife.

If you want the long term perspective then I can speak from 25 years (on and off) PE experience. During that time I have used all major PE techniques, but in recent years mostly pumping and ADS, and I can confidently state that, aside from a few minor injuries, today I have a cock that is fully functioning, looks good and hovers in and around the magic 8 x 6.

This is a very undifferentiated argument alexandr, just a ‘gut feeling’ which you are expressing here. Lack of reading (check negative PI’s). Intriguing why you are disappointed by some guys in here.

Regarding your point, I agree, I don’t want to loose any sensitivity.

PE has in fact the potential to damnage our dicks. But nobody should start before carefully reading the basics which are exposed here better than anywhere. Warnings to newbies and even experienced PE’ers are all over the place.

So really - why do you complain?

And please - why don’t you state who dissapointed you and how.

Later - ttt

I don’t like the way thunderss Talks sometimes(nothing personal)but he once told me, you worry to FUCKING much Alexandro. We are all different, some have more complains and questions than others. I’m one of them guys that like to be 100% sure before I do something.

And yes, I admit that I sometimes worry to much, but I only think that’s smart especially in exercises like these when we are dealing with such and important organ. The ones that think that kind of thinking is strange, well what can I say, then just ignore me, it’s easy.

And I have already read everything in these forums, AND THERE IS ONLY 1 THREAD about sensitivity, so I actually think it’s a good idea that I made one more, not enough questions are answered to the satisfaction of everyone I think.

And about who I’m disappointed with?nobody special, just that people like, to give an example we all can see here, a guy like “vitaminfeeder” that has posted here too.
The kind of thoughts that he has, are in my opinion totally out there, I don’t understand him, and it’s exactly people like him that I don’t want an answer from. I think, I repeat I THINK, that The only thing he thinks about is having a bigger dick as he clearly says:I don’t care about the 10% loss if I just have an erection and a bigger dick, if I see good gains and the price is a loss of sensitivity then he would still continue for sure.

But I’m glad to see that not many people think like him, and that”s actually why I posted too, I wanted to see who had those kind of opinions and who agreed with me.

So I’m just gonna say thank you very much for posting your opinions here. I’m really happy with the result.

Irishjim, thank you very much for telling me about your experiences with pe, 25 years is alot, and you are exactly one of those who I wanted an opinion from.

Originally Posted by alexandro19
And I have already read everything in these forums, AND THERE IS ONLY 1 THREAD about sensitivity, so I actually think it’s a good idea that I made one more, not enough questions are answered to the satisfaction of everyone I think.

Could it be that no one had issues with it hence there aren’t that many threads?

By the way ThundersPlace is not the only PE forum on the Internet, if you think that this place doesn’t have sufficient knowledge on the subject you can always check the others.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.


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