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Slight paindiscomfort after jelq

Slight paindiscomfort after jelq

Hello guys,

I have been jelqing for a little over a month, with some breaks due to travelling.

I am doing the newbie routine, but no gains so far, apart from flaccid gains, but they seem to be a bit inconsistent.

I’ve tried to improve my technique, but I’m still unsure what is best for an uncircumcised unit.

Lately, I’ve been having a slight pain/discomfort in my upper testicles/back of penis base( where the penis meets the scrotum) or sometimes just in the right testicle) after jelqing - I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now, sometimes it hurts more and it seems to get better if I skip a workout. It kinda feels like pressure and it hurts more if I’m seated and something is pressed against my testicles.

I believe it might be due to trying out an overhand grip for a while and I think my pinkie finger was brushing against/pinching my scrotum.

Should I be concerned about it? Should I go on with my routine? If so, what technique should I use? I have tried the c grip(both hands in c shape sliding across the sides of my penis), but it means I have to let it go to start another stroke and I’m not sure it is effective and I’m not wasting my time.

Any ideas?


Pain is your body’s way of saying you’re doing something wrong. Now it feels better when you give it a day off so what should that tell you? Yes you should rest it for a week or two and lighten up your grip; be gentle.

Hope it gets better. I’m thinking of booking an appointment with an urologists. From time to time I still have shooting pains when I’m sitting down.

When that goes away, I’ll start again very lightly. It’s just that the videos show it pretty vigorously.


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