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Slight erection problems

Slight erection problems

Hi guys!
My first post here.I started with jp’s 90 day beginner routine like 2 weeks ago, and already saw some length gains! So far, so good.
The problem is, yesterday, after jelqing, a small black dot appeared on my foreskin (thinking broken blood vessel right?)
1st question: is that something to worry about?
As of today, after my jelqing routine, I noticed that the upper half of my penis was discoloured, the glans and about an inch under. Didn’t worry too much then. But a few hours later, when I wanted to masturbate, I felt like it was hard for me to get 100% erect. Now I’m worried, cause the last thing I want is to get an ED out of this!

I do: 5-10 minutes warm up
10 mins stretching with some kegels
Jelqs(normal ones and v-jelqs)
Warming down

Maybe I pressed too hard? Or is it normal to have problems with erections right after a intense pe-workout?
Thanks in advance!

Sounds like you are overtraining. Either too much PE, or you are squeezing too hard, or both. Take some time off. Take a look at this article when you get a chance, if you haven’t already:

Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

This one is very good too, and will help:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Thanks a lot. Will take some time off.

Can I continue do to kegels and some basic stretching or would you recommend to stop those aswell?

This is just a question, how many jelqs you do? It is not specified in the original post.

Wet jelqs: 3 sets of 50

V jelqs: 3 sets of 30

Starting June 2011:

BPFL: 4.8, NBPEL: 5.91, EG: 4.72

At least to me jelqs cause me much more fatigue than stretching and among the options that sta-cool mentioned I think that is too much PE what is giving you problems.

Remember that resting is important and a functional penis is more important than a big one.

Today the discoloration already started to fade, back to almost normal. But the erection “problems” remain. I guess the reason also could be psychological, don’t you think? If you want an erection so badly that it’s harder to get one.I don’t know.still, I’ll stop pe-ing for at least a few days.

Starting June 2011:

BPFL: 4.8, NBPEL: 5.91, EG: 4.72

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