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Slight discomfort in the head. Any thoughts

Slight discomfort in the head. Any thoughts

Yesterday I felt a slight discomfort in the bottom right side of the head of my penis. It’s not really pain, it’s more like a dull poke/throb feeling. It’s not all the time though. It comes and goes and when it comes, it only lasts for a second or 2. I definitely haven’t felt it before, so I’m wondering if perhaps it’s a slight injury? I still have erections throughout the night, and the quality hasn’t suffered. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this type of feeling or if there is any one that may know what has caused it, what it is?

What have you been doing lately? Jelqing? Stretching? Both?

Just the newbie routine. That’s it.

Well obviously you were using too much force, grabbing your glans in manual strethces and/or using a too tight grip or too high erection level when jelqing.

I had the same type of thing, not really pain more of a discomfort. I was using too much tension with my silicone cup ADS. I gave it a 2 week rest adjusted the bungee cord and all was fine and still is.

The Older The Fiddle The Sweeter The Tune

Well, it wasn’t too much force, because I actually lightened bu my grip from what I was doing before.. Perhaps the little slippage during my stretches caused my hand to be on the glands though. If it’s anything, I’d guess that is it.

There has been a change in the condition though. Now, it no longer comes and goes like it was, but rather is only felt when some kind of pressure is put on the head. Again though, it’s really hard to explain the sensation. I’ve never felt anything like it anywhere on my body. Actually, it’s kinda ‘bruise’ feeling like.. Very slight. Yeah, that sounds about right. It kinda feels like when you push on a bruise, just not as intense. I guess it was hard for be to explain because I don’t bruise that much, if at all so I rarely feel that type of discomfort. I’m just gonna take a break till it subsides. It’s not a big deal. Thanks for the input.

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