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slight bruising...please reply if you can!!

slight bruising...please reply if you can!!

hi guys, i’m new here

i wanted to post this in the man forum, but it’s closed for new members like me. if any of you know someone in the main forum that could help and have access to it, please tell them about this thread :)

ok here’s the scoop:
I’m just about 7 inches and am comfortable with my size, no complaints so far. with that said, since last year i really got into bodybuilding and eventually stumbled upon doing PE exercises. i was doing them on and off for about 4 months and didn’t really notice too much gains, but it definetly looked stronger, and the PC contractions or whatever really made my erections harder and last longer. i wasn’t really expecting huge gains since i haven’t really been diligent about keeping a good schedule. i really liked the jelq and was doing that for a month when i started seeing red dots, which is normal when doing these exercises it sounds like. when this happened i would take a day or two off and they would disappear, no problem. but this one night i was jelqing and i noticed a small red dot and just said oh who cares i just started, so i kept going. BIG mistake. in the morning i foung that i didn’t have a small red dot as normal, but by ignoring the dot and continuing, i caused the redness to spread, so there was a red blotch about the size of a penny around the tip and a small dot on the side of my penis. i didn’t touch my dick for like a week, but it was still there. even though i was really embarassed about it, i went to see my doctor and had to explain that i was doing jelqing exercises to make my penis bigger (god i felt so retarded…) . she said that it wasn’t a big deal and that it should heal in about a month. *whew*

NOW, it’s been about a month and a half..and there’s still a slight pink spot on the side and some slight redness around the tip. it’s definetly not as bad as before, but it’s still there… but here’s the thing- when i had tendinitis in my shoulders, they said to avoid even the slightest use of my shoulders because it would make it hard to heal. i tried not to masturbate while my dick has been healing, but it’s been really hard (no pun intended) and i ended up doing it maybe twice a week, a lot less than i would usually do.

my question is: even though i haven’t been masturbating that much, could that be the problem that there is still redness on it? i try not to do it that much, or even have erections because it forces blood to the head. but like most guys i wake up with morning wood and there’s no way to stop that really..right now i think i’m going to try putting ice it once in a while for a couple days and make an appointment with my doctor again…or maybe ask her to send me to a urologist. do you guys think this would be a good move?

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE- if someone has had a similar experience and/or has any knowledge to help me i would greatly appreciate it. i don’t know if this redness will always be here now, maybe it’s healed up and i’ll just be stuck with this. i don’t know if i can start doing PE again or if it will make it worse if i do. i really want to get back to training, and do it right this time, with a little less intensity and more hot-wrapping.

please reply if you can, guys, i would really appreciate it. and hopefully you can learn from my stupid experience and not overdo only have one penis guys, don’t mess it up…

Welcome to Thunder’s Place new guy. The penis has a wonderful ability to heal if you give it enough time. You sound young and you already have seven inches, so you can probably afford to lay off the PE exercises for a while longer.

First thing to do is to read the Forum Guidelines and learn about posting style. We have a lot of international members and a number of them do not speak English as their first language. We want those members who do speak English to do it correctly so the international members have good examples. Please capitalize the first word of a sentence as well as the personal pronoun “I”. There’s no need to use “chat speak” here.

Next, leave your dick alone for another three weeks or so. Masturbate as little as possible and don’t do any PE. Your discoloration will slowly fade.

When you start up again, be careful and don’t work at it so hard. You might want to try the Newbie Routine even though you’ve been PEing for a while. It’s an easy way to start and it helps avoid injuries.

Finally, don’t panic and rather than see your doc or a specialist, save you money and spend time instead. Let us know how it goes.

What did you do to get a red spot the size of a penny? Just jelqing?
That is odd I jelq like a mad man and don’t get red spots. Little ones that go away by the next day is all I get.
Are you cutting off the circulation?

Does it seem to be on the surface or under the skin?

If it’s the skin man I wouldn’t worry about it. You might of just rubbed it raw?

Is it sore?

You went to your Doctor and told her your jelqing? (Thats funny as hell)
She said it was nothing, and your still worried?
And your thinking of going back?
Man my dick would have to fall off before I’d go tell my Doctor anything.
Your a brave man.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

westla- Thank you so much for replying!! That’s exactly what i needed to hear. I think your’e right, it will take more time, but I was freaking out here for a while. I’m starting to see this girl from school, you see, and hopefully I will need my little guy in working condition in the near future. I’m going to give it another couple weeks like you said. Do you think putting some ice on it will help it heal? I know with bruises anywhere else it helps to put ice on it right away. But maybe it’s too late to use ice…I don’t know.

deadeye- Yes, the blotch I have is from jelqing, and I had a small red “warning” dot, but ignored it. It’s under the skin, but it’s getting better I think. I can barely see it unless I look at it closely, before it was pretty obvious. Yes, I told my doctor but I was so scared! I was like great, I fucked up my penis. I felt so ridiculous and retarded…imagine telling a 50+ year-old lady that you were doing some stupid penis exercises to try to make it bigger. It’s kind of funny now, but at the time I was freaking out. I trust her a lot, and she is very open about sexual stuff so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

*edit* No, deadeye, it isn’t sore. I had a slight tingly sensation the first week or two, but that has gone away

It’s probably too late for ice. Just give it time without additional stress.

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