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Slight, Annoying Testicular Pain

Slight, Annoying Testicular Pain

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone who feels slight pain in one or both of his testicles when jelqing? Annoying slight pain which I would describe like sexual arousal. On the real I remember, I have never felt a pain in my right testicle before but all that started after jelqing and plus I never noticed veins in my right testicle before but after jelqing for months there appeared some.

Somebody please do one kind act, break down some understanding about that if possible, thanks for attention

It could be varicocele or a inguinal hernia. I can’t see how it could be caused by jelqs. Anyway, go to see a doctor, he can detect both things easily.

Thank you so much for your attention and replies, it’s all appreciated. Let me tell you this, only few days ago I found this post it’s on Varicocele and jelqing

It says: The reason why left testicles have large veins is that blood from left testicles need to come near kidney and there connect to main vein at 90 degrees. It is a problem for left testis to remove large amount of blood which you collect while jelqing.

Everybody check this out! And don’t be foolish, I found this post in one website posted by one guy, so he says:
Two years back I read about PC muscle exercises or Kegel
Kegel exercises
’S for improving erections and I started doing that. I also did jelqing for a few nights only before falling asleep. Erections seem to be firmer now. About the same time I started having pain and burning sensation in my testicles
Testicle lump
Testicle ultrasound
Testicle pain
Which I ignored. Now this week I went to see a urologist who did abdomen and testicles
Testicle lump
Testicle ultrasound
Testicle pain
. Result - grade 1 prostatitis, grade 1 varicocele
And epididymitis
. The urologist said prostatitis is not to be worried about as most men will have it (I am over 40), but prescribed and / for varicocele
For 5 days and has asked me to revert back to him.

I have been thinking all the time what could have caused this, and it has struck me that kegel/jelqing and testes pain/burning started about same time 2 years back. Did I overdo kegel/jelqing (stretched muscles too far) that could have caused varicocele? What should I do now to take the pain away? I am working sitting for 8-10 hours using computer and finding it immensely painful to sit.

May all of you prosper in your dreams without injuring yourselves!

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