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Sleeping Position

Sleeping Position

Last night I lay in bed and I wondered: because we’re in bed for up to 8 hours per day, sometimes more, will the position you sleep in (I.e on your back, on your side, on your stomach) have an effect on P.E? I usually sleep on my right side and have done for years, could that ever alter penis growth, or curve?

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Only if you snore.

There is a distict possibility that sleeping on your right side would drag the penis to the right so you would obtain a curve to the right.

Of course if you should pull your right leg up then the penis would rest on the thigh so the curve could be distorted and you get an S bend.

Marinera’s proposition that snoring could be a factor can well be illustrated by the type of snore you snore.

If you just snore through your nose then that would tend to straighten the penis. However if you snore through your lips then you will finish up with a wrinkled penis as the snore would be like pprprprprprprp!!!

Do you have a wrinkled penis with a tendency to the right and with an S bend?

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IMO the position you sleep has no impact, however the quality of your sleep would. Lack of sleep causes stress which in not a good thing for overall health and PE.

Get to sleep and stop wondering about such things.

Maybe genetics have something to do with curvature?or rapid cell growth on one side of the penis.

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It could also be how the moon and the tides effect your penis, the size and the curvature? ;)

My curve just comes from years of intense masturbating with my right hand.

Most guys penises have a left curve because most are right handed :p

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This is madness, I was thinking the same thing yesterday and was about to log on and make a post about this subject.

Sometimes you find yourself on your front with your penis squashed inwards underneath you.

I know what you mean it can stay that way for hours and cannot be good for gains.

I say when you find yourself like that turn over do a few helicopter shakes and kiss and your in the business.

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