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Sleeping on stomach, hinder gains

Sleeping on stomach, hinder gains

Can sleeping on your stomach, hinder anyone from gaining?

Reason I ask is b/c, the only way I can fall asleep is by laying on my stomach. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any kind of gain. Started off @ 5.75nbpel and 5” girth. Currently, 6.50nbpel and 5.2” girth. I’ve been PEing well over a year. I took sometime off and now I am starting back with the newbie routine and focusing more on my technique this time around. Since, I’ve started to pay attention to what I am doing besides trying to see how much I can do. I’ve noticed a change in the way my penis looks when I’m done. I am going to give the newbie routine around 2-3 months from now and measure again. Hopefully, I will notice a difference. Doesn’t have to be much just a little.

I don’t think sleeping on your stomach can hinder gains. Never heard of this before.

Just making sure, I know that I read this a long time ago (I forget what site). To me it sounded a little out there, but I just wanted other opinions on this subject at hand.

I sleep on my stomach, but before I fall asleep I put my dick aside, so for the rest of the night, it is sort of stretched.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

I cannot imagine that sleeping on your stomach would hinder gains at all.

Maybe it depends on the position your penis is in when you sleep on your belly? Whether it is pointing up, down, left or right?

I’ve gotten to the point now, where I just move my dick between my legs.

^Same here

If that is the only way you can get sleep go for it.

How does your penis look when you are done?

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Originally Posted by kingpole
How does your penis look when you are done?

Looks the same. I just didn’t know if laying on your stomach, hampered any little gains you have made over time.

Wow and I thought I was the only one in the world who slept on their stomach.
I can sleep on my right side, but not my left for some reason and never ever can I sleep on my back. I’ve tried.

It’s a psychological throw back to the old days. If you got sick in your sleep then there was less chance of choking on your own vomit if you were laying face down. And yes there were a few times I got sick in my sleep and didn’t wake up. Besides, it’s easier to hold the bed from spinning if your laying face down and can hold on with both hands and feet.

So what’s the theory anyways? That because you’re sleeping on your stomach your dick is getting mashed and therefor hindering gains?
I don’t see it happening. But if you’re worried about it, point it downwards or get it out of the way.

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