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Sleep stretchers

Sleep stretchers

I was wondering if anyone out there has found an effective safe way to stretch while sleeping. I’m able to get good length gains during the day from stretching and jelqing and find at the end of the day I’m nearly 1/2” longer then in the morning when I start out. It seems like I’m losing length from the healing process while I sleep so I’m convinced if I could keep a mild stretch all night I would make much faster gains. Anyone else have the same experience? I have tried various ADS but nothing I’ve used seems comfortable or safe enough to use all night. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

You’re right….comfortable or SAFE…..

The major problem is our nocturnal erections which are needed for penile health, and these play merry hell with the comfort part.

But of most importance is the safety, and when you’re not fully conscious, you can’t monitor your dick to see if it’s dieing or not, so I reckon that’s enough of a concern so that WE ARE REALLY WARY OF THIS.

One thing I did try was a traction wrap with an elastic type bandage (or several of them joined together), and wrapped around a standard under wrap as Bib has described very often for hanging, but coming as far down your dick as possible. The elastic is a bit rough on your dick skin.

Make the first few turns with the elastic stretched out flat and over itsself, then leave the elastic bandage bunched up in a kind of circular cross section for the rest of the shaft length, and keep on wrapping until you’re right down on your stomach, and keep wrapping until the pressure of the wrapped turns is putting a gentle outwards pressure on your dick, which is semi erect, or mine was at least. Join on how many extra lengths of say 1.5-2 inch (3-5cm) wide bandage as you need by just a knot.

Wrap tension tight enough not to fall off, or be too tight, and finish off just by tucking it under itsself.

I did this a bit, but inevitably when I got my nocturnal erections I’d wake up with it aching like crazy, and wondering if I’d done permanant damage. But it did pull me out to near my flaccid full stretched length, which was good.

So I’m not really recommending this per se, just putting it out there as some kind of starting point.

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Here’s a suggestion by Big Girtha for bed fowfer, located in post #1, but down a ways.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I know how dangerous it can be to stretch while sleeping hence the ‘safe’ aspect of my question. It’s kind of frustrating as it seems like I’m starting over every morning to get that half inch back just to lose it again when I go to sleep. I’ve tried a number of stretchers but I’m yet to find anything that works all night. I’ve tried doubling up on non-lubricated condoms and tying them to a 3” wide elastic waistband and wrapping that around my leg which has sort of worked since it’s comfortable, safe (it provides for nocturnal erections) however; it keeps slipping off after about an hour so it’s not too effective. Anyone else have any suggestions?

None other than to get over your frustration.

regards, mgus

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It’s tempting but I wouldn’t do it.

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