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Skin too loose

Skin too loose

Hi all, I’ve been lurking for awhile. Not able to post in the hanging forum, I’m posting here. Been jelqing a bit, but never routinely. I thought an easier way would just to hang while I do my studying. I made a wench to hang with but I can’t get it tight enough to not slide on the shaft. I tried wrapping but the wrap doesn’t stay stationary on the shaft either. There’s too much fore and aft play. When I hang with the wrap, it just slides down my shaft until it hits the head and pulls from there—not comfortable and I’m not sure if it’s pulling the ligs or just the skin.
With that said, I’m thinking I need to use the chicken choker since it seems to squeeze the shaft at doesn’t allow any slippage.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried pulling my skin all the way back and wrapping, but it still moves a considerable amount. TIA

You just learnt that hanging isn’t an easier way to gain.

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