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Skin Stretching

Skin Stretching

I have a general question on skin stretching. Should skin stretches be done when one is erect or flaccid? Also should it be done using two hands on the shaft. The best example I can give is this. Have any of you ever heard of the Indian Sunburn? You put both hands on someone else arm and twist. However, in order to stretch I am convinced that I should put both hands on my shaft, well above my base and move one hand towards the base and the other towards the glans while erect? Is this how to do it? It almost feels like your skin is going to rip. How long should I do it ? Am I doing it right? Should I be stretching my scrotal skin?

Just trying to gain. Just trying to learn.Last official measurement May 2008. NBPEL = 6.0 inches. BPEL = ?. MSEG = 5.8 inches.

July 2008 NBPEL = 5.9 inches. BPEL = 6.75inches. MSEG = 5.8 inches. I have a sizeable fatpad. I hope when I cut weight I can make the difference between BPEL and NBPEl around 0.3 inches.

I do exactly what you are describing for about twenty minutes daily. Do a search on reverse erect skin stretching and tug of war (tow). I think the reverse erect skin stretching is over at MOS, it was written by kong1971. I start out with light tension and sort of work out the elasticity. When you get to a point when there is no more stretch to your skin just stretch a little more and leave it alone for the day. There are some manual foreskin restoration sites on the internet, do a search. Interesting stuff.

Then (4.5 nbpel x 4.75 mseg)

Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

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