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Skin so tite

Skin so tite

I’m wondering - if I’m a canidate really for PE?

When I’m erect, my skin is sooo tite and thin looking.

What is your guys experiences here?



Get to 50% erect

You are supposed to jelq with a 50% erection. A full erection does not do any good and it could do severe damage to the cells and tissue within the penis.



I’ve been told that many times here so it must be true :) - that is - no more jelqing at 100% erect. No wonder it felt like my head was going to pop off…..

but - what I’m asking is - if -the skin is that tight at full erection - is there room for streching - if it gets bigger I don’t want to tear any thing OUCH…

seems - the way it feels at times - that I would be bigger - if I just had more skin….

guess - from what mom said - I was uncut by choice - but developed an infection while I was still a little baby…. and they had to cut (circumsize) me …. I still remember her words ‘I never thought they’d cut off so much’…..

it IS straight and not curved - it’s not that tite I guess…
am I clear now?

thanks for all the info!


Re: your tight skin

Mine was always very very tight. I have found that by jelqing at 50 t060% erect that the skin has actually stretched as well as the interior portion of my penis has grown. At times the skin covers about 1/2 of my glans. Sort of like foreskin restoration look. I think the longer you jelq you will see that your penis skin will begin to stretch. Good Luck.

First of...

Good advice, UC, not to jelq with a full erection, but I don’t know if 50% is enough. You need more than that for the jelq to be effective. 75% is what I use and it works great. As far as the skin goes, it will stretch and grow to accomodate your new size. It’s the same principle as when weightlifting. Your muscles grow, so does your skin. But don’t mistake the dick for a muscle, because it’s not.

A full erection is excellent for head exercises or girth exercises, that include squeezing techniques. Also do manual stretches in the shower under hot water. It will loosen up the tissue a lot and makes the entire workout much more comfortable.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Jelqing technique

I posted on another page of this site this am. I tried immersing my penis in a cup of warm to tepid water last nite. It really made the blood circulate to my penis and helped to get it ready for the jelqing. It seemed that it was a little thicker than normal during the jelq. I think that was because of the soaking in the warm water. It worked much better than a hot wrap. I have tried using Uli on a full erection for girth growth. However, my girth is at 6.25 erect inches right now. I would really like more length but if I get extra girth in going for the length that is ok to. I do not want to attempt hanging. It concerns me greatly and I am not going to do that. But if you can reply on other exercises that will help to get more length I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks for your input. I am finding that this site has some very serious dedicated people on it that are really interested in penis growth without all of the nonsense I have found on other sites. Good Luck and God Bless America. We deserve it!

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