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skin problem

Skin Problem

Hey guys, I think from doing Pe I have increased my shaft and now it is covering 1 cm of penis when its flaccid. Too much skin but when I’m erect it seems to decrease a little back. How can I reduce it ? To explain it more , I should have pure dick without skin when it exists my body right, although there is some skin in the base?

Sorry for my bad English.

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That is not a problem; anyway, stretching with the foreskin retracted can reduce the issue with time.

By the way, your penis can’t exit from your body.

Bro it is problem because when i try to shave my hair down there i think that i will cut my vein at the base of my penis..

Shave carefully and you will be fine. My dick looks like a lightning storm even when flaccid and I shave the base of it due to hair creeping up it from increased skin. No vein cutting or discomfort. Use the appropriate force with your razor and some form of lubrication and you’ll be fine. What you are describing is normal.

Thank you i think my skin is allergic in this place and every time when im shaving i get red spots and then i have to wait until they left to shave again ..i dont know i use many creams but in the end the same thing..laser is a good idea tho (nevertheless there is plenty skin right there i dont know how normal it is..its kinda ugly tho!)

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