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Skin is breaking

Skin is breaking

Recently, everytime when i fold my skin back behind the gland, it breaks. I am uncut. Could the skin be holding back my gains? Well do to some living circumstances, I haven’t PE in almost half of a year. Will probably start again in a week or so. Any suggestions?

Note: I think i have gained close to an inch…maybe not quite…but around there…

The skin is breaking — in the sense that you’re bleeding? Do you just have exceptionally dry skin? Have you tried a moisturizer?

Your skin shouldn’t be breaking merely from pulling back the foreskin. You might want to get this checked by a doctor.

And no, skin should not normally limit any PE gains. Skin is extremely easy to stretch compared to all the inner workings of the penis. Just ask anyone who has gotten fat and then lost weight :)

What do you mean by recently? Should we understand that in the past you were able to pull back your skin and this is a new situation you are experiencing now? In this case you should be checked by a urologist.

If you always had difficulty pulling your skin behind the glans (not gland), then you may exercise your skin to get looser by pulling it in a hot tub.

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i had no problem before. IT is only recent when I get an erection or pulling back the foreskin during an erection i would get breakage, it sort of like the skin too dry breakage, but i tried putting Vaseline on but the skin still breaks. I don’t really get and blood so I guess it isn’t a big deal.

Maybe “break” isn’t the right word? Could you describe for us more accurately what is happening, and on what part of the forskin? There is no blood, but is there pain or any other sensation? Maybe you can take a picture.

Anyway, if the problem gets worse you may want to go see a doctor. Getting your forskin removed is always an option if you can’t find another cure. If this is the case ask for a loose cut. Tight cut makes PE very difficult.

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it is like when you have dry lips, and when your lips break, blood doesn’t always come out. I will consult a doctor. Thanks!

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