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Skin Could Stretch

Skin Could Stretch

Hey guys my question is could wet jelqing create excess skin? I already have abit too much thanks to a dodgy circumcision so don’t want to create anymore. At the moment I’ve been just doing stretching for a couple of weeks and before that on and off with jelqing etc for maybe 8 weeks, still no results. Am thinking of getting the Auto EXT and ADS but concerned they would also create excess skin.

What would be the best workouts for me? When I Do stretches I grip behind the the head of the penis because theres no skin there really so don’t see it being a problem.

Any input much appreciated, I really wanna start seeing some gains! :)

I’ve never heard of anyone getting skin stretching from wet jelqing. I have heard of it from dry jelqing. So I’m going to answer No. Wet jelqing should not create extra skin.

Don’t grip just behind the head. You will do yourself an injury. Grip somewhere on the shaft leading up to the head, not on the head itself.

Skin stretch is a side-effect of PE, pretty much. But as your skin stretches, your dick should grow, so everything generally evens up.

Good luck.

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