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Skin Chafing

Skin Chafing

So I masturbated quite vigorously one time in the past two weeks. Some of the penis skin on my penis became cut possibly due to one of my nails or just friction. I had a scab growing which scared me, and after a few days I removed it. However there is blood underneath, but it is not oozing. What should I do? I am a little worried.

Just trying to gain. Just trying to learn.Last official measurement May 2008. NBPEL = 6.0 inches. BPEL = ?. MSEG = 5.8 inches.

July 2008 NBPEL = 5.9 inches. BPEL = 6.75inches. MSEG = 5.8 inches. I have a sizeable fatpad. I hope when I cut weight I can make the difference between BPEL and NBPEl around 0.3 inches.

You should lay off masturbating for a while until the sore heals. When you resume, I strongly would recommend doing so with some type of lube so that you do not create too much friction on your dick. KY Jelly should do you just fine. Either that, or, don’t apply as much pressure as you have in the past.

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