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Skin and PE

Skin and PE

So I was reading a post in the Main Member’s forum. It was about a male who had a 8” BPEL penis, but I believe his skin was too tight and so it made his penis look a lot smaller. I was wondering what kind of problems people experienced here with this. When I jelq, I definetly try to stop my skin from stretching because I don’t want a turtle neck. Also though, I don’t want my penis skin to be too tight! Does anyone have any suggestions? I believe I’ve noticed some gains, but before I go any farther I want to make sure that I won’t be having to endure this problem. Is this something I probably don’t need to worry about yet with the newbie routine? Thank you very much.

I don’t think you’ll end up stretching enough skin to get too much a turtle neck though it will loosen up a little bit. I’d just worry about doing the jelqing right, and if it looks like your skin is approaching the limit of what you are willing to allow, then adjust your routine.


If you find that Turkey neck becomes a problem, then you may want to read the thread attached below. If you have any more questions on the subject and want to do some more reading around, you can do a quick search for other ways to combat the problem.

More effective jelqing - preventing ‘turkey neck’ using a Jelq Ring

19th Feb 2012

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