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Skeptical but am trying it

Skeptical but am trying it

Hi there. I have been lurking for a little while, and decided to jump in.

I started to Jelq a couple years ago, but stopped after about 1 month. I just started up again about 6 weeks ago.

I read the post started by “Newbie” maybe from a couple years ago, and he mentioned he jelqed for 15 minutes a day. Hence, my routine is about 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, take weekends off.

I do the standard jelq, “okay” sign, 2 handed, and I also bought one of those tools that has the rollers on it. I also recently started doing the stretches (I am experimenting with 1 minute stretches, and the short quick strecthes).

I give credit to the guys that do 60-90 minute “work-outs”, I could never keep up with that, it’s 1/24 of the day.

Even doing only 15 minutes, I break blood vessels all the time, and bled once….

>Even doing only 15 minutes, I break blood vessels all the time, and bled once….

Thats not good. Do you let them heal?

Do you do a warm wrap?

15 minutes of jelqing is enough for most people I think.

If you are only going to do it for 15 minutes you should at least do it right. Don’t apply so much pressure that you hurt yourself. If you are constantly healing from an injury, you will not get results. So take it easy and condition your cock to the new routine. Once conditioned, you can go a little more aggressively, but doing damage will get you no where.

Thanks for the info, I’ll back off the pressure a bit. I dont warm wrap all the time, but do when I can.

Appreciate the comments and helpful advice.


Take some vitamins…get C, D and K especially…sunlight and milk.

I am impressed by how active this board is, good stuff. This is what inspired me to try jelqing again.

I am a vitamin freak, multi vitamins, arginine, testis tribulis, etc, childrens aspirin, get sun, drink 2% milk, and work out a little.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it.

I don’t agree with you gprent101, training your dick is nothing like training the rest of your body.

Simply because its not training at all, its simply streaching. Althogh, you can’t ofcourse stretch

too much at once. There for its not any idea to streach too much. But you’ll still grow independent

of your dick injury. (ofcourse having in mind that the lig’s have too heal too.)


You shoud not be having those kinds of injuries with your beginning routine. Do it more gently. Don’t approch each session so frantically. Enjoy each stroke. It should be pleasurable. No pain, no injuries. Then slowly, ever so slowly, increase the length of your sessions and the length of each stroke.

I’d just do the jelqs until everything is healed and there are no more injuries. With the injuries, you definitely need to do a good warm up wrap for ten minutes at the start and maybe half way through your routine. The heat will help speed up the healing.

Man, if I had had those kinds of injuries so early on, I wouldn’t have continued. I think that’s great advice about laying off a few days until the damage is properly healed. Some of us have pricks that a brick wouldn’t phase. Others have damned sensitive pricks that react quickly to any kind of stress. Listen to your prick , as you would if you were exercising your whole body.

Good luck at Thunder’s.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Originally Posted by SixerMan
Even doing only 15 minutes, I break blood vessels all the time, and bled once….

I’ve never bitched at anyone here before but I can’t be quiet about this.

You need to put your dick back in your pants right now! Go back to reading and restart at a later date with a better understanding. Restart with the newbie routine, just the newbie routine. Then after a while you can use a powerjelq device. You want to use that thing later don’t you?


I’ll shut up now

i do it for 1- 1.5 hrs pretty darn hard and doesn’t feel any pain or soreness during/afterwards…must be me only..

It’s cool Mugwomp, no offense taken. I’m in the Newbie forum, because I am a Newbie. All I ask for is common courtesy, and I appreciate the advice.

There are other sites, where guys were saying they ignored the broken bloodvessels, but I took that with a grain of salt. This site is more realistic and logical, and errs on the side of safety.

I found this sight a few weeks after I started. I did start at 10 minutes and worked to 15. So basically I was doing the Newbie routine, but with too much pressure. I broke vessels before I got the device.

I’ll back off the pressure, and be more diligent with pre and post heat wrapping.

Thanks Guys…

Cool, I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Take it easy, alright?



I experienced bleeding from the urethra a while ago. I took a few days off and then started jelqing with the upside down U-grip. That grip puts very little pressure on the corpus spongosium, inside which the urethra is located. Before that I had always used the ok-grip.

It is a bit harder to use the U-grip, but there has been no bleeding since I started using it. Lately I have slowly started to use the ok-grip again for a better workout. So far my dick is fine.

Horse, how big were you before you started PE? Even if you dont have exact measurements, i’m curious at approximately.

I just watched the Ron Jeremy documentary, and he said he is 9 3/4 and “it” looked monsterous.

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